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Metro Grill owner to try fine-dining concept

michael2Michael Gonzalez, the sandwich aficionado who draws even nonshoppers to the food court at Towne East Square, is working on another new restaurant.

“We’re going to be putting fine Italian gourmet within the actual mall itself,” Gonzalez says.

This time, it won’t be in the food court like his Metro Grill and 5-10 Gourmet.

“We’ll be at one of the main mall entrances,” Gonzalez says.

He plans to close his 5-10 Gourmet. The new restaurant will be 5-10 by Metro Grill. It will have a bar in addition to the restaurant, which will serve what Gonzalez calls Hispanic-Italian cuisine with some American dishes. It will be similar to 5-10 Gourmet but not the same.

“I’m going to add and take away and keep a lot,” Gonzalez says.

Metro Grill will remain open.

“Always,” Gonzalez says. “That’s my baby.”

He says there weren’t problems with 5-10 Gourmet.

“It’s working fantastic,” he says.

But mall management wants that space — more on that coming soon — and he thinks the mall could use a sit-down restaurant with adult beverages.

“Towne East is ready for it,” Gonzalez says.

He’s considering two locations and should make a decision shortly.