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Adam Reigns on Idol Rock Night

It was incredible to be home in Wichita this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to Westlink Christian Church to see me! Now on to American Idol …

Idols rocked the house! For the first time ever, the four remaining contestants paired up and sang duets. We also got to see the judges’ first reaction to the Idol performances. Many viewers don’t know that the judges are able to watch the dress rehearsal while getting ready in their dressing rooms but due to a mishap before the show … no dress rehearsal.

Adam started the show off and no one caught up the rest of the night. I think the fact that Allison now uses Adam’s hair lady and that Danny is screaming at the end of his song shows the contestants aren’t even denying Adam’s winning it all.

Adam’s voice fit perfect with Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lot of Love.” I’ve always thought Adam could be this millennium’s Freddie Mercury. Glam rock has been waiting for the right artist to make a comeback, and Adam is the guy.

Allison Iraheta sang Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby.” She did a great job, but I get the feeling that the judges have picked her as the next to go and she knows it. This is really a hard place to be in as a contestant because everything done is from a defense mode, with every move overthought. Overthinking on Idol is never a good thing.

Kris and Danny’s “Renegade.” I wasn’t crazy about these vocals. I thought it was interesting that the two non-rockers were put together. I would have liked to see them do a “rock” song performed with a twist, maybe acoustically with real tight harmonies. I got the impression that they were quite annoyed with the whole process …

The Beatles’ “Come Together” was a perfect song choice for Kris Allen but the delivery was a bit dull. It really fit his laid-back feel-good vibe and added a rock edge. But for some reason, I just felt it was lacking. I think that he can make it through to next week but it will be a close call.

Danny Gokey sang the first half of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” in a great gravelly voice. I wasn’t a fan of the scream at the end. It actually felt like someone trying to imitate Adam. Not every Idol fits every genre. I still am a huge Danny fan and am not worried about him making it through tomorrow night.

Adam and Allison rocked out to “Slow Ride” … spandex, leather and fingerless gloves! I’ve missed you ’80s glam rock!

So who is getting the boot tomorrow? I think it is between Allison and Kris. Do you agree with Simon and think Adam and Allison’s duet will save her? Do you love glam rock as much as I do? I love reading your comments (as does my mom). Have a great week and Happy Mom’s Day.