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VK Open discussion (5-1)

by joanna

(I always start with a small ‘j’, TP!)

Friday is always our big day for high school sports, has been for as long as I’ve been here. So check out my feature on Goddard soccer player Whitney Berry, the story on Rose Hill-Andover Central soccer, tennis notes featuring Northwest, track notes, and a Getting to Know feature on baseball player Brenton Higgins.

OK, discussion for today. What should it be? Um. My husband said last night, let’s just watch the end of this Celtics-Bulls game. I said OK. There was a few minutes left, so I could watch the Office episode and the 30 Rock episode before bed, right? Ha-ha-ha! That game went into three overtimes! Good game, although whoever advances is going to be beat.

So what’s the longest game you’ve ever watched or played in? (remember, you can take this discussion anywhere you want.)