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Melugin comes clean: He can't dance

Alex Melugin vs. Quincy Carter.

That's your unlikely quarterback match-up when the Wild plays host to Abilene on Saturday night in Hartman Arena.

What better time to catch up with Melugin, the former Friends University star, for the blog's first Q &A?

KL: What will it be like to go against former NFL quarterback Quincy Carter on Saturday?

Melugin: I'm really looking forward to it. I try not to think too much about the opponent, but I'll definitely be watching him, seeing what he's doing and stuff. It's pretty cool. It's a great opportunity to go against somebody like that."

KL: Some players do cool dances during pre-game introductions. What will you do Saturday?

Melugin: Oh man, I've got white man syndrome. I can't dance. I'll just run out there and try not to stumble over my own feet.

KL: How can you improve over your first start (a loss at Sioux City)?

Melugin: You know, I took that loss on my shoulders. I missed two or three real critical throws. Even though guys caught a couple of them, if I would have hit the guy in stride we would have scored. I've got to step up and make the throws and make the right reads.

KL: What is the best thing about the indoor game?

Melugin: I guess my favorite part is you get to throw a lot more. As a quarterback, you like that.

KL: What do you think of new Hartman Arena?

Melugin: Oh, man, it's great. I sure appreciate Mr. Hartman and all the time, money and effort he put into building it; it's the best arena in the IFL. I wish we could get him a couple more wins. It's up Derek (Rasmussen) and me and the players to do that.

KL: Ever worry that if you go flying into the stands, a fan won't throw you back?

Melugin: Heck, no, I'm sliding before I even get close to the wall.