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Bomb school

When Brian Corn handed me an assignment to go to the Wichita Police Department’s Bomb Range, I saw my colleague’s eyes light up in my peripheral vision. You see, Bo Rader is all-boy. The man drives a race car, watches the Discovery Channel and likes pyrotechnics A LOT (he also likes to bake, garden and loves all types of music).

We decided that I would go and shoot video and Bo would shoot stills. I’m so glad he came along. Check out this awesome photo he took of the biggest blast.



Bo doesn’t travel lightly. He’s carrying two camera bodies, a 400mm lens, a 300mm lens with a 2X converter, an 80-200mm lens and somehow he managed to grab my tripod (Thanks, Bo).

Here’s the video I shot. Listen for my yelp at the credits. I don’t love explosions as much as Bo .