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Damaging tornadoes strike southwest Kansas

Tornadoes have touched down south of Garden City in southwest Kansas.

The Storm Prediction Center has logged a half-dozen reports of tornadoes in Finney and Haskell counties, though they may be the same tornado hopscotching through the region.

Damage has been reported to at least one farmstead, some power poles and an irrigation pivot system - and reports are still coming in.

Large hail - up to 1.75 inches in diameter in spots - and heavy rain have also been reported in the area. More than 4 inches of rain has fallen south of Haviland in Kiowa County.

The tornado has taken a unique track — moving first southeast, then shifting to nearly straight south. Tornadoes frequently move southwest to northeast, though others have traveled due north.

The tornado that hit Haysville and south Wichita on May 3, 1999, took a northerly track. The Greensburg tornado on May 4, 2007, also came into town from the south.

Several storm chasers are tracking the tornado, and I’m hoping to track down an image or two at some point.