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Beadazzled finds a new home


And now in the final bit of Old Town news for the day . . .

Beadazzled is moving from its space of two years next to Caffe Moderne across Old Town Square to the space between Uptown Bistro and Sabor.

“We’re working around the clock to get it done,” says Beadazzled owner Julie Freige, who recently made the decision to move and hopes to be open by Wednesday. “I believe that the location is much better than where I’m at.”

Freige likes the space for its visibility and thinks it will be easier for customers.

The retail portion of the shop will be slightly smaller than it is now, but the studio where there are bead-making classes is much larger.

Beadazzled’s new space is where Best Cleaners once was and Amanda Goner later planned Label Wine Boutique & Spirits.

“It’s a little scary right now to take my little nest egg and invest it,” Goner says. “It doesn’t mean I won’t open one in the near future.”

Goner is director of marketing and design for Melad Stephan’s Empire Restaurant Management, which includes Uptown Bistro and Sabor among other restaurants.

Stephan had planned to use the space behind Label Wine Boutique for overflow seating from Uptown Bistro and Sabor. But Freige wanted all of the space.

“I’m going to regret it later,” Stephan says, “but that’s OK.”