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Back to Greensburg

This Monday marks the 2nd anniversary of the Greensburg tornado. We’ve covered a lot of tornados at the Eagle, but as Jaime Oppenheimer’s epic front-page  photo will remind you, there have probably been none larger than the EF5 that leveled Greensburg on May 4, 2007. 

Our jobs as news photographers offer many rewarding experiences, but perhaps none greater than being able to check back in with people and places that have been affected by tragedy. 


Today, Greensburg is a town on the rebound, and the spirit that help guide its residents through that time is still on display.

I’m making my second trip in a week back to Greensburg right now. Catching up with folks about how things are going and how that night still reminds them of the fragility of things that we sometimes take for granted. 

This Sunday, check out the Eagle and where you’ll see videos, photos and stories about how Greensburg is growing 2  years after a night none of us will soon forget.