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That soggy Sunday set a record

This little tidbit will surprise almost no one, but I wanted to share it nonetheless.

The 5.10 inches of rain that fell Sunday set a record for most rain in Wichita on April 26. The old record was no slouch for Kansas - 1.88 inches in 1969 - but Sunday’s rainfall would have set the mark for every day in the month except April 22, when 6.03 inches fell in 1944.

Wichita is now well above normal for rainfall this calendar year, silencing the murmurs of discontent about a dry winter.

But it’ll take another 3 inches to qualify for wettest April in Wichita history. As saturated as the soils are, nobody will be thinking about the record book if another 3 inches falls over the next two days. They’ll be far more interested in high ground instead.