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Foxx Helps Idols With a Pack of Rats

T-minus three weeks until the Idol finale, and we are now on the hunt for who will go head-to-head with Adam for the crown. My pick is still Danny Gokey but Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta gave him a run for his money tonight. Jamie Foxx surprised the Idols as the mentor of the week, helping them navigate through the Rat Pack.

Kris Allen sang "The Way You Look Tonight" with Jamie Foxx declaring he would do a record with him right now! Randy stamped it as Kris' best performance to date. I thought he did a perfect rendition of this song.

Allison Iraheta celebrated her birthday this week ... happy 1-7! She belted out "Someone to Watch Over Me." What an amazing performance. All the judges loved it, but Simon is worried for her because of her supposed lack of confidence. Maybe this "lack of confidence" has something to do with the fact that Idols know they can give an amazing performance but a certain judge still gives a negative review.

Matt Giraud crooned "My Funny Valentine," a jazz standard he has been waiting to sing. I thought he did a nice job, but I think this is his week to go home. I, along with Randy and Kara, don't think he did enough to

overcome any of the other Idols. In a twist, Simon agreed with Paula and gave him a “brilliant” with a wink. This could really hurt Allison.

Danny Gokey is still the one I'm rooting for and he did not disappoint with "Come Rain Come Shine." He has an amazing talent and voice. Wow! If he has been off at all in the past weeks, he is back.

Adam Lambert sang "Feeling Good." As always he was technically amazing but I honestly didn't feel the performance as much as I felt the others. Just like Randy, I felt it was a bit over the top, but as Simon pointed out, that is his thing and why most in America love him.

I think that Matt Giraud should and will go home but Simon's comments to Allison might be enough to sway America against her. What do you all think? Who are you rooting for to make it into the finale?