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Chatting with Peter Greenberg


Travel guru Peter Greenberg took a break from business in Omaha this afternoon to talk about why Wichita topped his and Newsmax Magazine’s ranking of the most uniquely American cities and towns.

“It’s a manageable city,” Greenberg says. “It’s not overbearing. And let’s not forget cost of living.”

And to all those Wichitans who decry the city as too boring?

“You know what? I’ve never been bored in Wichita,” Greenberg says.

And he’s been coming here for 35 years.

His visits almost always include a stop at Scotch & Sirloin.

“I love that place,” Greenberg says. “I really do.”

But he’s going to have to expand his dining options since he’s trying to shrink his middle.

“Thirteen weeks ago, I swore off all red meat,” Greenberg says.

So far he’s lost 26 pounds.