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Clear Channel Radio has more layoffs


Clear Channel Radio has completed a round of layoffs that the company began in January. Tom Glade, vice president and market manager in Wichita, says he can’t say how many layoffs there were.

“It’s a small number for us,” he says.

“Like all media companies, Clear Channel Radio has to adjust to its business and to the realities of the current economic and advertising market,” Glade says.

One of the more public personalities laid off today was Kathy Deane, who has been producing the top-rated “Brett and Tracy Morning Show” on B-98 for more than two years.

“We were, like, knocking it out of the park,” Deane says. “That’s what I really don’t get.”

Morning host Brett Harris, who hired Deane, agrees. He’s put a call into corporate to see if he can pay Deane out of his own pocket to produce the show off site.

“When it happens to someone who’s part of your inner circle of success . . . who you brought into the industry, you feel some accountability,” Harris says.

Deane, who says she was in shock this morning after being escorted to her car, didn’t even hear Harris make the offer.

“Wow,” she says. “That’s showing me some love, isn’t it?”

We’ll let you know what corporate says.