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Welcome back to wet and wild Wichita


After driving seven hours home from vacation Sunday, I counted myself lucky to literally just make it into my house before the downpour hit. Then I made it through Round 1 of the tornado sirens and headed to Dillons at 13th and West to stock up on necessities and ingredients for a tasty pad Thai dish I planned for dinner.

I was 20 items into my 22-item list when Round 2 of the sirens sounded. An employee came on the loudspeaker to inform shoppers we could either take cover in the meat cooler or leave the store. Neither option was appealing, so I continued shopping until a slightly wild-eyed employee I recognized from the meat counter made it clear I had to choose. So into the 36-degree cooler I went.

The employees were all nice and offered the 30 or 40 shoppers gathered there some of those white jackets the employees wear behind the meat counter. Fortunately, the jackets were clean. The floor, however, was a slippery mess and seemed to offer a much better chance for calamity than any far-off tornado.