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Jayhawk Conference and the NFL Draft

PHIL LOADHOLT (2nd round, No. 54 to Minnesota)

PHIL LOADHOLT (2nd round, No. 54 to Minnesota)

The Jayhawk Conference has always been fertile ground for NFL prospects — look around the league and former KJCCC standouts dot league rosters. As far as I can tell, this year’s former Jayhawk star to hit it big, rich, whatever you want, is former Garden City Community College standout

Phil Loadholt

, who started two years at Oklahoma and was an all-Big 12 pick both years. Loadholt was taken by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2nd round — the 54th pick overall. I covered Loadholt his sophomore year at GCCC, and lemme tell you, dude is a BEHEMOTH. Six-foot-8 and 337 pounds. He protected Sam Bradford’s blind side at left tackle the last two years but translates into a right tackle in the league.

ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha has Loadholt listed in his top 10 impact rookies for next season.

I’ve looked over all the picks and Loadholt’s the only Jayhawk guy I see right now, although I’m sure a bunch will sign in free agency and I’ll let you know when I get that info. Posted some Loadholt highlights below. Nebraska-Omaha QB Zack Miller was the lone MIAA player picked — he went to Jacksonville in the sixth round and will probably end up a TE in the NFL.