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Taco food truck robbed by armed gunmen early Sunday morning

Two men with handguns and donning ski masks held up a a taco food truck in north Wichita early Sunday morning.

The robbers, in their 20s, escaped on foot with cash. The crime took place just before 1 a.m. in the parking lot of a tire shop at 225 E. 29th Street North, right next to train tracks.

It can be risky for food trucks late at night, all on their own, according to Wichita police Capt. Nikki Woodrow. She suggested that food trucks could discourage crime by installing cameras.

Some food trucks decrease their risk by hawking their comestibles near to other food trucks. Although Tacos Irapauto, the victimized truck, was all alone Saturday night, it did have three workers.

“This food truck had a good amount of employees working there,” Woodrow said. “It’s always wise to have more employees working – to protect themselves and be in numbers.”

Officers will often give extra attention to food trucks when they let officers know they will be present and as the officers’ call load allows, Woodrow said. “A lot of times (patrol officers) will stop and introduce themselves,” Woodrow said. “A lot of the time they’ll eat there.”

And during events when lots of food trucks are present, Woodrow said, there is usually a police presence.

“If it does happen, you have to remember money is not worth it,” Woodrow said to truck owners. “Give up the money; call 911.”

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