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Transcripts of Hesston shooting 911 calls, emergency traffic

911 calls in Kansas mass shooting

911 calls from the mass shooting at Excel Industries Feb. 25, 2016 in Hesston. Cedric Ford killed three people and wounded 14 before he was shot and killed by responding law enforcement officers.
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911 calls from the mass shooting at Excel Industries Feb. 25, 2016 in Hesston. Cedric Ford killed three people and wounded 14 before he was shot and killed by responding law enforcement officers.

Harvey County Sheriff’s office released 11 audio recordings of 911 calls and emergency traffic from Feb. 25’s mass shooting in Hesston that left four dead, including the shooter.

The Eagle has transcribed each recording fully.

At the end of each transcript is the corresponding audio.

WARNING: Due to the subject of the recordings, readers may find them upsetting.

911 calls from the mass shooting at Excel Industries Feb. 25, 2016 in Hesston. Cedric Ford killed three people and wounded 14 before he was shot and killed by responding law enforcement officers.

Recording One


Yeah there is a guy on Meridian headed north shooting the bull, shooting at cars.

He's heading north where?

On Meridian.

Meridian from where?

From Newton going north.

OK, do you know what the last intersection he was near was?

Uh I am just north of the four-way stop.

On 12th Street?

Yes and I have been hit.

What exactly is he doing?

He's shooting guns at cars.

Please hang on just a second let me get my officers updated OK. Is he in a vehicle?

Yeah he's a black guy uh I don't know what kind of a car it is. I don't know if he's got the back windows shot out if or what.

Can you tell what kind of vehicle he is in?

No I can't tell.

I'm sorry do what sir?

His front window is shot out too.

His front window was shot out?

Yeah. Because he was shooting through it at my car.

OK are you needing an ambulance?


Here hang on just a second. And you are at the intersection?

No I am north of the four-way stop.

Here stay on the line with me, hang on just a second.

OK I am going to put you on speaker.




(Loud noise)


Harvey County 911. We need police to Excel Industries. A guy just popped down with an AK-47 and started shooting.

OK where are you at?

Excel Industries in Hesston.

You're at Excel?


Has anybody been shot?

I don't know I was in my car, I wasn't going to get shot. I was just going to call you guys and tell you we need police there now.

OK what part of the, where at Excel are you?

Um it's on the backside, it's



And did you see the person?

Yes, yes, I know who it is.

You know who it is (cuts out).




Yes ma'am

And he jumped out of what type of vehicle?

Um like and F-150, a Dodge, or a Dodge Ram.

...or an SUV?

A truck.

Is he still there?

I don't know I left, I wasn't trying to stick around.

OK what type of weapon did he have?

AK-47, assault, I mean he had it strapped on him and everything.

How long ago was this?

Just now,

Just now

Just seconds ago.

You go into the entrance by the middle school,

The entrance by the middle school

Yeah across the street from the middle school. Um where the back of the middle school is by the football diamond and all that.




I don't even want to drive by there. I'm terrified right now.

You left the area?

Yes ma'am.

And you don't know if anybody was hit?

No he did fire a couple of shots before he went into the building and then he ran right into the building.

He went into the building?

Yes ma'am.

OK. Do you know what building number he went into?

He went into a corner door, i don't know exactly.


He went to the paint department area.

To the paint department?




Dialing. I don't know. Still in here.

Thank you, Harvey County 911.

I am calling because I am at Excel Industries and there are gun shots outside.

Yeah do you know whereabouts outside?

Yeah there are gunshots and people you.

Are they outside or inside or where?

No they were inside the warehouse and everybody is running outside, and I'm not sure if anyone is hurt or not but I'm just calling in to tell you...


I'm going to let you go.


Recording Two


Harvey County 911.

Uh OK so there was a guy just shooting at us?

Where are you at?

We're on Meridian, go go

Where at on Meridian?

Just north of 12th Street. The guy just went north on meridian.

What kind of vehicle?

It was a gray Charger. I didn't get a license plate. But he -

Hang on one second.

Yeah he uh, I think the guy that pulled up next to him shot at him, I don't know why but oh my God. OK um, sorry I am really like, amped up right now. Um (noise) Um

Did you happen to see what the guy looks like?

He's a white male. I didn't I just saw a white male I think he had blonde hair, blonde or brown. The guy I'm talking to says he has blonde hair.

You say he was north bound in a gray Charger, right?

Yeah he is north bound on a gray Charger, I don't know which way he went, once he got to the intersection.


I don't know if anybody is hurt because there was a guy right in front of me.

So was he shooting at someone in a vehicle or on foot?

In a vehicle?

The other person was in a vehicle too?


OK stay on the phone. (Beep)

OK I am.




Harvey County 911

Yeah I got shot.

You got shot? Yeah. we were working at Excel. And there is a guy shooting at Excel...

Are you injured?

Yeah I got shot.

You are shot?



Where are you at in the building?

We left.

OK where are you now?


We have multiple victims.

Yeah there.

Are you inside or outside?

I'm outside we're driving.

OK where are you at now?

I don't know right by Excel.

Can you go to the fire station in Hesston?

The fire station?

There are cops everywhere.

Shooter is in the main lobby.


Hey I got shot...


Yes I need an ambulance out, I'm over in Hesston, Excel industries, I got shots fired at employees, a –

OK are you injured sir?

No, no I'm not injured but....He shot at my leg I don't know....

Hang on, hang on...

I'm on the phone.

How many people are hurt guy?

I don't know how many people are hurt right now but I know I have a person that is shot that needs attendance immediately.

If it’s safe to do so, tell people to go to the Hesston Fire station, OK?

The Hesston Fire station.

If they are able to get up there. Ok I am going to let you go sir.

Recording Three

City report of subject shooting at other subjects from a vehicle, possibly north bound 12th and Meridian, possibly a gray Charger, we're getting further.



That vehicle just drove through First and Meridian north bound about five minutes ago.



That vehicle just drove through First and Meridian it's got black wheels.

Was it north bound or south bound?

It was north bound well before that call came out.

EMS it's worth starting EMS for 12the and Meridian area. Apparently we have a victim near 12th and Meridian.

...I have a vehicle in a ditch north on Hesston Road.



Suspect vehicle is in a ditch north of Meridian, we believe the subject may be out there with the vehicle still.

All right what is your victim name?


Newton I have a minivan and a Dodge Charger, somebody is in the ditch on the cellphone. What am I looking for first?

I have a vehicle north of Meridian fleeing, may be a suspect, the suspect is supposed to be armed with a rifle.


Were they in a minivan?

I'm out with the victim north of 12. The suspect is not here, they continued north.



All I'm getting right now is that I'm not really sure what we got now. Apparently the gray van and another vehicle left in north Meridian, involved somehow, I'm not entirely sure how. My RP is in a gray Dakota, he's parked on Hesston Road just north of Meridian fleet.

OK I'm out with him I think we have somebody down.

The Charger is dark gray and black, that's the suspect vehicle there should be bullet holes in that as well. We have a victim here with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

OK we have a victim at 12th and Meridian, gunshot wound to shoulder.


I'm going to be around to 440 locations until .... Location....11 copy...etc.


505 I'll be out with the vehicle north of the vehicle.....10 4


Information I have report of an active shooter North End of plant Excel.

One in the area?

51 copy.


Can you guys go ahead and call the mix of people in there....

511 also contact..901 and 912. 10-4. 901 I'm on the traffic.

We have an active shooter at Excel Industries, 10-4 north end.

10-4....One minute out.


131 Battalion Two.



Responding I have two subjects shot on the west side of Ridge Road in Excel Industries. My RP advising there are still shots fired.

....I'm getting shot at, I'm getting shot at.

What unit is getting shot at? (Sirens)

On Ridge, On Ridge. I'm getting shot at.

What unit is getting shot at on Ridge?


Copy 904.


904 we have a black male white shirt active shooter in the lobby, in the lobby. White male, black shirt in the lobby, active shooter.

I've been told he's armed with a rifle and a pistol.



...We have multiple victims along the track.

440 10-4.


904....904....904 active shooter is in the main lobby. 904 copy.


County taking information suspect is down inside the front door. Suspect is down inside front door.

Moving in.

Recording Four

City reporting a subject shooting at other subjects in a vehicle, possibly north bound 12th and Meridian, possibly a gray...we're getting further.

Did you say they were shooting at them?

Yeah they were shooting at my RP.



It's worth starting EMS for 12th and Meridian area, apparently we have a victim near 12th and Meridian.



40 go ahead....send out information, Reno County, Sedgwick County, vehicle description what we have, please.


Suspect vehicle is in a ditch north of Meridian, fleed, believe the subject may be out there with the vehicle still.



I need you to get here and drop off your partner and start heading to Hesston on the active shooter.

10 4

770 you want me to release my 10 15 and start heading to that.






Where are you at? I was 10 15 I am getting ready to drop her off. Expedite I need you over here on Meridian.

104 north on Merdian, about 2 blocks. Expedite.

Recording Five

(Mostly unintelligible but a few radio moments for fire)

Newton station one a...North Meridian...for a gunshot wound stand off for law enforcement. (Beep)

(Dialing sounds)


Newton Station Bravo response, North Meridian for a gunshot wound, stand off for law enforcement (repeat). ....Time out 1659.




I have a report of somebody being shot if you can just stand off for law enforcement.

(Brief bit of sirens here)



Medic One on scene, standing off, Engine One will be...command.

10 4


Go ahead.

Yeah we've got a maroon SUV at the corner of 12th and Meridian it looks like the driver side window is shot out. We're making contact with the officer there now.

10-4. 12th and Meridian.



We have an active shooter at Excel, believed to be the north end of 4.

10 - 4, north end of plant 4.



The not injured....Engine One Medic One will be on scene.




Meridian command law enforcement unit are you north of the.....

9-12 on channel three....

I need EMS to come up here north of the SUV for this victim here.



Yeah Meridian command 10-4 we're clear the red SUV we're going to head up north and see what else we have.



Only the description of the shooter we have is an A-A male, apparently he got out of a gray Dodge pickup.



800 block of North Meridian....

North Meridian command, Code Red.

Code Red 1708.

565.... We don't have any idea...let's get them on standby.

10-4 Hesston EMS we have report of an active shooter at Excel multiple victims.




Hesston EMS. I have a report of an active shooter, multiple victims, standoff for law enforcement. 1708.


How many victims?

I believe at least 5 at this point.


10-4....I'm going to get Newton...

Medic One.

10-4 Batallion Two.


Newton Fire EMS if you can assist Hesston Fire have multiple victims at Excel in Hesston, stand off for law enforcement. Newton Fire EMS assist Hesston EMS out at Excel and Hesston, have multiple victims for an active shooter, standoff for an active shooter. 17-10.

Medic Three

(Brief siren)

Recording Six



Harvey CC 911

I need some help. My son was shot

Your son was shot?

OK, OK, calm down.

I'm down the street from uh um...

How old is your son?


He's 25. Where was he shot?

In the leg, I got his belt wrapped around it trying to hold the um...

OK where at in the leg was he shot?

Just underneath his groin

OK where was he shot?

...just showed up.

OK I want you to stay on the phone with me, I need some information where was he shot at?

He was shot in the upper thigh.

OK how bad was it bleeding?

It don't look like it's too bad

You have a belt tied on it?

Yes ma'am.

OK is he conscious right now?

Yeah we're talking right now.

And is he breathing normally?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah he's a...military…

OK is he able to answer your questions appropriately?


Is there more than one wound or just one?

Just one.

And how long ago did this happen?

Just happened.

OK and you have officers there with you?

He just pulled up.

OK we do have EMS paged out, they'll be there shortly.

OK thank you.

You’re welcome.




Harvey County 911

911 This is Excel industries we have shots fired on campus.

OK where are those shots located at inside the building?

Plant 4, it's in the north

Plant 4?

Yeah plant 4 it's in the northwest corner, northeast corner, sorry.

Northeast corner?


Do you hear multiple shots? Like one person?

Yeah there was about 20. 20 shots.

20 shots.

It's uh rapid fire.

Rapid fire.


Like an automatic. OK.

Do you know if there are any victims at this time?

I cannot tell, I just heard shots fired, people were running about three people I saw, people are running.

Are you in a safe place? Can you keep talking to me?

Yes I can keep talking to you for now.

OK do you hear the gunshots from where you are at, are they far away from you or are they close?

100 maybe 50 feet away.

100 feet away?

Maybe 50 feet yeah it's close.


It sounds like inside the building, maybe just outside the door.

OK and (Harvey County 911 in background) OK stay on the phone with me....


I'm relaying this OK stay on the phone with me you are a great help. (Background: I’m going to let you go) Plant 4 is that what you got? (Yes we do have a report) Do you still hear the shot?

Nope I haven't heard one in about a minute. (I'm going to let you go while we take another report OK? Thank you) Are you by yourself?

I’m in the offices with the supervisors there is one other person in here with me we are currently under a desk.

Have you locked a door?

Uh it's not lockable.

It is not lockable.

Is there any way to block the door, put anything in front of the door to so it doesn’t open. anything kind of a desk you can scoot in front of it, chairs, anything.

Uh possibly.

OK why don't you do that, please, try it since you have some people to help you try to block that entrance. Is there any other entrance to the office?

No it's one door. Actually there is another little garage door.


OK I am going to go ahead and let you go and answer some other phone lines. I want you go ahead and make that door safe, OK. You don't hear any shots right now is that correct? Correct OK and there are three people in there with you correct?

No just one.

Just one other person in there.




Give me a belt, somebody give me a belt.

Harvey County 911, Harvey County 911

(Panting, unintelligible).

(Shot, shot)

My boyfriend just got shot.

OK I need you to calm down.

There's an active shooter.

We're aware of that we have officers on the way. Who is shot? Hello?

(unintelligible, panting)

Not enough, I know it hurts....

Hello? Hello?

Call an ambulance. I'm here I'm still here.

I need you to calm down I can't understand you.

OK OK (breathing) Help me please.

Where are you at? I'm in Hesston.

Where are you at in Hesston.

Ridge Road.

Yes, we ran out of the building.

Who was shot? My boyfriend.

Where was she shot at?

In his leg?



How old is he?

He's 25.

(How are you feeling?)

Call the police.

Ma'am, ma'am I need to know where you are?

I'm on Ridge Road.

Where at on Ridge Road.

We're like in some trailers.

You're by some trailer houses.

Behind all the trailer, behind a trailer

Yes we're sitting here...

Do you know the address where you are at?

I can't find um....(unintelligible)

Ma'am do you know where the address where you are?

I'm I don't know I'm not from here.


(Shouting in background)

OK ma'am where is you boyfriend bleeding from?

B5, B5,'s B5

Ma'am, ma'am.

Tell me please.

Ma'am I need you to talk to me now.

OK where is your boyfriend bleeding from?

His leg, his right leg.

Where at in the leg and i need to know where you are at? (lots of talking)

By his side, ....bleeding too bad (another voice, then beeping, hello, hello? beeping) It's not....

Hello? You’re good.

Ma'am I need to know where....


(Dialing. Breathing.)

Harvey County 911?

Yes there was a shooting.

Hold on just a moment.


OK sir.


Sir are you there?


Are you a victim?

No, well I mean, I got away I wasn't injured or anything.

OK are you out of the plant now?


OK stay away from the plant and stay out of danger I have to let you go.

OK thank you sir.

Recording Seven

Harvey County 911

Just north here Meridian. There was a guy here who had his car heading in the wrong direction, he pulled out, he has some type of rifle, he pulled it out on another car, there are other cars that have stopped there. It looks like an officer may be there now. Somebody is pulling up but it definitely needs to be addressed.

Is he stopped at ...Meridian

Well he is actually north right on 81, just north of meridian here.


But he is stopped up here. There is a car in the ditch, there is a guy in the ditch I can't tell if there is a second person now but I want to drive past him and there is an officer that it looks like a car pulled up I don't know. If I can see....but I would guess...



What kind of vehicle is north of Meridian?

It looks like a light gray sedan, I couldn’t really tell the vehicle. But he was pulled in the opposite lane, he pulled up, jumped out of the car, and had a gun and was pointing at some pickup, I don't see that now but I can't tell if there is a person on the ground or what

Where are you at now?

I am just by Meridian Street pulled over by Highway 81

What kind of vehicle are you in?

I'm in a gray Dakota.


There's another pickup it looks like just pulled up, I'm looking in my rearview mirror on the side of the road, I can't tell what's going on exactly. (noise)


(Background police radio)

The Charger is dark gray and black that is the suspect vehicle, there should be bullet holes in that as well. We have a victim here with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

It looks like an officer may have crossed the road, may have a gun pulled right now.

Hang on one second we'll be right back with you.



You still there sir?

Yeah. There's at least two other uh Sheriff department.

Right let me, give me, ... give me, your hang on.



Harvey County 911.

Hi, there there area lot of shots being fired at a local business, I want to say it might be Excel and there are tons of people that seem like they are running for their lives right now across my lawn.

I apologize one moment ma’am.

It looks like you guys are probably getting tons of calls from the Excel plant in Hesston.

Do you see the subject right now?

I do not see anybody but there are tons of people running across my lawn.

OK just find somewhere safe to go right now.

Oh my God there are still shots firing....Are you guys OK?

Oh there is a gang firing shots, it's what the people are saying, the workers form excel are in my backyard saying there is a gang shooting a gun and they are all running for their lives right now. Um. I don't know anything else beside that I'm just seeing these poor people and asking them if they need to come inside my house to stay safe. Are you guys OK is there anybody hurt that you see? They say there are people that are hurt. Oh my gosh there are still fires, OK.

Do you know where the subject is at, can you see them/

I can't see them I am actually just about 15 feet away from there and the cops are here now.

OK ma'am stay low and stay out of sight if you see them, I cam going to let you go if you see them again call me back

I will thank you.


Harvey County 911?

Yes I need a ...Excel lawnmower plant. We have got people shot.

We do have people on the way to Excel. Where are you located?

I am in Plant 1 we have people down.

Plant 1 how may patients do you have?

I have four people shot.

Four shot. And do you hear any other shots being fired right now?

He's outside, the guy is outside shooting.

OK can you secure the door so he can't get back in.

It's locked.

It is locked. Are there any other entrances? Can you get those secured?

There are several but I have got people shot

Yes we have help on the way. Stay on the phone with me OK. The shooter is still out there do you hear the shots right now?

No I don't.

You don't hear any shots, OK? Your patients that are inside, tell me about their injuries, can we put some pressure on wounds where are they at?

They, we have got one, two that is real bad you need to get here.


Two in the shoulder, one in the thigh and one I don't know. He got shot in the head, we got one in the head.

OK this is what I need you to do for me, the ones that have fun shots to the shoulder, can you get some pressure on those.

They got pressure on shoulder and thighs.


I'm going to go check on the other one

Is everybody breathing? Can you tell me if everybody is breathing?

The one that got shot in the head I don't know.

Can you check for me? Are you able to do that?

Just barely.

Is he laying on his back?

Yes he is.

Can you get him to him? We're going to get his airway open?

We need to get his airway open. Here I got this. We need to get his airway open.

We're just going to maintain his airway for him.

Don’t move any of your patients please.


Are you with the patient now. Are you with the patient now?

He's puking blood, we need an ambulance.

Absolutely we have help on the way. OK is he on his back?

Yeah he is on his back.

OK I would like you to put one hand on his forehead the other underneath his neck.

One on his forehead.

The other underneath his neck, Lift his chin toward the sky, this is going to open his airway.


Open just like you're doing,

Open his airway. If you can put pressure on his wound that's what I want you to do.

We can't, we can't.

OK I do need to answer some other phone lines. We have ambulance on the way OK. Keep pressure on the other ones.

All right, bye.

Recording Eight

Harvey County 911.

Actually I just think troopers just arrived. Um there is a man that is in a ditch and it looks like he is trying to attend to somebody, he says they were hijacked or car jacked.

OK what kind of vehicle?

Well there is a vehicle in a ditch, there is one I am going to say highway patrol probably that pulled up it's right at Meridian and Highway 81.

OK hold on just a moment I apologize.

No it's fine I am just disabled and can't really walk well so i don't want to let my dogs alerting to something musty going on.

Recording Nine

(Loud noise)

Harvey County 911? Harvey County 911?

(Phone noises)


Harvey County 911?

At Excel Industries somebody is firing a gun.

At Excel?


OK what plant?

Um, Plant 1.

How many shots were fired?

I just heard about four but there were repeated ones fired.

We do have reports, do you see anybody who is injured?

I have no idea.

I am going to let you go we have other reports.


Harvey County 911?

Called me and said there is somebody up in Excel industries shooting with a gun.

Officers heading up there.

OK thank you.


Harvey County 911.

Somebody is firing at Excel, there has been a shooting,

Where at at Excel?

I don't know there's just gunshots people running, there are a lot of gunshots people getting louder.

OK get yourslef to a safe location OK?

I'm doing right now...all the employees right now...

I'm going to let you go go to a safe location OK.


Harvey County 911.

Shots fired, Hesston, people are hit.

Where at?

How many people are hit?

People are hit.

How many people?

Three or comes....


OK it's a black male with an assault weapon, he's in the office, we're all across the street.

He's in the office?

There is one car, police car, there's another one, there's another one.

Yeah OK

Multiple people shot all over the fricking place.


(Background: Four shot)



Yeah. About three...behind the transformer.

You're waht? OK stay there so you are covered.

Recording 10

Harvey County 911?

Yeah we have an emergency up here at Excel. We have shots fired, shots fired.

Where at? In Excel.

We're in the front office right now they are out there somewhere on the floor shooting.

Do you know how many where at, just in plant 4,

Plant 1, Plant 1, that we know of here by the front offices.


That's fine, that's fine. Get yourself to a safe location OK.



OK thank you.



Harvey County 911

Yes there has been a shooting at Excel.

OK hang on one second.

They need ambulance right away.

How many people are injured?

I don't know somebody ran over, I'm at the doctor's office and somebody ran over from Excel, she's bleeding so we need somebody here too but she said there was a shooting over there.

OK we do have officers headed that way.

OK thank you.



Harvey County 911.

Yes this is Excel ....I think we just heard gunshots int he building.

We do have units all around and we do have injuries. Are you there right now?

I am I am upstairs.


Location right now. As far as I know me and another guy are in an office and have the door closed.

Can you lock the office?

No I can't but I'm going to put a chair up against it.

Put a chair, desk anything you can, get something in your arms so if they come in you can fight. I am going to let you go. OK bye.

Recording 11


We have got a shooter everybody is in front!

Harvey County 911?

We have an active shooter at Excel Industries. We have multiple injuries.

OK we have that information do you know where he is at? He is in Plant 4 right now.

Plant 4?

Yes. OK.

I have two, I have people all over the place, I can't account for anybody.

OK what's your name?

My name is...


All right we'll get people that way.

He's out in front, he's out in front!

You're breaking up I can't hear you.

He's out front, he's out front of Excel on ridge road.



All right we have other calls I'll let them know.




Harvey County 911.

Yeah we need the police out here at Excel Industries in Hesston, somebody was shooting a gun inside the building. One person I know of has gotten shot, has got blood on him.

OK we have several calls we have got help on the way.

OK a guy said we're in the south end of the lot in the back of the building. that's where is at.

The south end of the lot in the back of the building that's where he is at.

Yeah clear to the south of the main plant, we all went out to the back end.

OK all righty.

Thank you.





Harvey County 911.

This is Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas, 200 S. Ridge Road. We have had a shooting.

OK I need to put you on hold for just a moment.

Background, ma'am I need you to...right now. Where.... I need to know where you are at.

OK are you there? Hello?

Hold on just a moment. The policeman is calling for backup and we need somebody to come into the front lobby.

Are you still there?

I am.

Are you calling in reference to Excel?


Do you see the shooter right now?

I do and the police officer. Hands up we're the police. (Background: Is there anybody hurt?)

OK sir, just stay out of the way try to stay low and stay out of danger.

Hands up.

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