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Sheriff’s Office seeks descriptions of Sedgwick County burglary suspects

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in getting detailed descriptions of possible burglary suspects in the southwest part of the county.

The area of focus includes unincorporated areas south of Kellogg and west of West Street, sheriff’s Lt. Lin Dehning said Wednesday. The office is seeking details of “any instances of unexpected and unknown visitors to residences in that area in the past two months,” Dehning said, including the “date, time and location, as well as a description of the individual and their vehicle” and whether the vehicle was seen in the area at other times.

Anyone with information is asked to call sheriff’s investigators at 316-660-5300 or toll-free at 800-447-7604.

“What we have is a puzzle we’re trying to put together,” he said.

A common tactic for burglars is to knock on a door, and if no one answers, they kick in the door and steal things, Dehning said. If someone answers, they often make up a reason for being there, such as asking for directions, he said. Their behavior might seem odd, he said.

They also might pull up in a vehicle and leave.

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