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Wichita man robbed Intrust Bank 5 minutes after talking to banker, FBI says

A Wichita man used a note written on a bank deposit slip to rob the same bank he had left just 5 minutes before, investigators said.

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday charged Jeremy Vos with one count of bank robbery. A Federal Bureau of Investigation agent said he was caught with the help of bait bills, security cameras and bankers who recognized him from interactions earlier that day.

The robbery happened at around 1:25 p.m. Tuesday at Intrust Bank, 5500 E. Harry, inside the Dillons store at Harry and Edgemoor.

When Vos allegedly robbed the bank, it was actually his third time there that day, an FBI agent wrote in an affidavit. The first time, Vos talked to a teller about an account and was told he needed to show his ID. He returned later and showed his ID to the teller.

“(The teller) was unable to help Vos locate account information due to length of inactivity on his account,” the FBI agent said. “Vos was then helped by (a banker) in locating his account information. After being given the balance owed on his account, Vos exited the bank area.”

He returned about 5 minutes later and handed the teller a handwritten note on half of a bank deposit slip, the FBI agent said.

“This is a robbery,” the note read. “No die (sic) bags. I have a gun.”

He was given less than $1,500 — including 10 bait bills — and left the business. No one was injured.

The teller and the banker told investigators that the man who robbed the bank after conducting business there was the same man depicted on the identification card they had seen. They identified him as Vos, court documents state. A police detective who reviewed surveillance video also determined that the robber, who did not conceal his face, appeared to be Vos.

Wichita police officers went to an address listed for Vos in law enforcement databases, court documents state. The apartment is in the 1500 block of South Parkwood — just across the street to the west of the Dillons store.

A man at the home said Vos didn’t live there, but he had been there earlier in the day. He let police search his home, and they found clothing and an Oklahoma City Thunder hat similar to what the robbery suspect wore.

Police then went to the house of one of Vos’s friends in the 1000 block of South Dalton, near Harry and Rock. The woman told officers that Vos had said in a Facebook message that morning that he was going to rob a bank. He later sent another message saying he “had money and wanted to go buy some ‘kill,’ “ the court document states.

The friend said Vos was on his way to her house, and police waited there to arrest him. They found “a large amount of money” in his possession, including six of the 10 bait bills from the Intrust Bank robbery. They also found the note used to rob the bank. Vos admitted to investigators that he robbed the bank, the FBI agent said.

Wichita police Officer Kevin Wheeler said Vos is also accused of making a fake bank robbery report earlier in the day. Court records show he has a history of lying to authorities about false emergencies.

Vos remained in the Sedgwick County Jail as of Thursday afternoon.

Kansas Department of Corrections records show Vos, who also goes by the alias last name of Voss, is listed as being under intensive supervision by community corrections in Sedgwick County. He has previous felony convictions for making false emergency calls in Sedgwick County and theft and traffic violations connected to attempting to elude law enforcement in Butler County.

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