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He wanted mother-child sex slaves. He just pleaded guilty

A Kansas man caught looking for mother-child sex slaves that he could breed and control has pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

Michael David Mitchell of Eskridge last week admitted to one count of enticement of a minor, according to federal court records. Mitchell was arrested during a sting operation last June after he went to a Missouri hotel to meet an undercover investigator posing as a woman interested in selling her 10-year-old daughter for sex acts. He told law enforcement he considered himself to be a sadist and had been searching for a family that he could enslave in his home, according to his plea agreement.

He also told undercover investigators that he was willing to pay thousands and had been looking for a family to enslave for about five years.

In a text message exchange with the investigator posing as the woman, Mitchell said: “I will take care of you, but it won’t be easy on either of you. I’m a sadist and enjoy inflicting pain. Neither of you will ever be allowed to say no to me," according to court records.

When Mitchell was arrested after arriving at the Missouri hotel room, he was carrying a red duffel bag full of "material related to sexual torture," his plea agreement says.

Attorneys plan to ask the judge who sentences Mitchell to send him to federal prison for 14 years, his plea agreement says. The judge could impose a sentence of up to life.

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