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Police arrest man after months-long string of burglaries across Wichita

After nine burglaries in eight months, Wichita police have arrested a man.

Between September 2017 and April 2018, detectives worked nine connected burglary cases at construction businesses, clothing stores and liquor stores, Officer Charley Davidson said. Video and photo evidence showed the same white GMC pickup used in most of the burglaries, he said.

Kevin Dickerman, 50, was arrested on April 11 in an unrelated aggravated assault case, Davidson said. The District Attorney's Office then charged him with nine burglaries, eight felony thefts, four felony criminal damage to property and misdemeanor theft after police presented the cases, Davidson said.

Police reports show that the most recent of the nine robberies was at an electric company near Rock Road and K-96, which was reported April 9. About $1,000 worth of equipment was taken, including a tool box with hand tools, a drill motor, shop fan and industrial ladder.

Four days earlier, a robbery was reported at a construction material company near Southwest Boulevard and West Street. A police report shows $5,000 in damage to warehouse siding, insulation and a security chain; three sand compactors worth $1,900 each also were stolen.

In March, seven trash pumps and three submersible pumps worth over $9,000 combined were stolen from a concrete contractor near Kellogg and West, a police report shows.

The same concrete contractor was burglarized in October. Four power cutters, two rebar cutters, a drill and concrete brooms, floats and trawls worth over $8,000 combined were stolen, a police report shows. A $1,000 window was broken.

In January, a $1,500 door was damaged at a men's clothing store near Rock Road and Kellogg. A police report shows 25 coats and 45 flannel shirts were stolen, worth over $5,000 combined.

The same clothing store was robbed in November, when a burglar broke three windows and stole four mannequins and $900 worth of men's clothing, a police report shows.

Also in November, about $5,000 of merchandise was taken from a men's clothing store near 21st and K-96 after a window was broken. The thief took 42 pairs of jeans, 12 flannel shirts and two mannequins, a police report shows.

In December, 30 bottles of Crown Royal were taken from a liquor store near Maple and Maize, a police report shows.

In October, $4,000 worth of windows were broken when a thief took over $7,000 worth of merchandise from a clothing store near Kellogg and Ridge. A police report shows 78 jackets, 20 flannel shirts and two pairs of men's leather chaps were stolen.

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