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19-year-old tied to pole and hit, Wichita police say

The Wichita Eagle

Four people were arrested after a homeless man was tied to a pole and hit, Wichita police said.

Booking reports show Timothy Karl Larson, 20, Vance Diamond Halsey, 20, Shelby Emma Saxton, 18, and an unnamed 16-year-old boy were arrested on Friday afternoon at 1157 N. Emporia, the address of Wichita's Children's Home.

About two blocks away, in the 1100 block of North St. Francis, a 19-year-old homeless man was tied up to a pole and hit by four people, Officer Charley Davidson said. The man had minor injuries.

Jail records show Larson and Saxton are being held on $100,000 bond on suspicion of battery and aggravated kidnapping. Halsey is being held on $100,000 bond on suspicion of aggravated kidnapping.

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