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After police use explosives in a residential area, Wichita's chief apologizes

Wichita's police chief has issued an apology after explosives were used in training exercises in a residential area.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal team conducted a training exercise in the area of Douglas and West Parkway on Tuesday, and a SWAT team conducted a tactical exercise in the same area on Wednesday, Officer Paul Cruz said in a release.

"During both training exercises, explosives were used and heard by residents, causing alarm and frustration," Cruz said in the release. "A review after the exercise, found insufficient notification was given to area residents."

“I sincerely apologize to the residents who were alarmed and upset by this incident and it will not happen again,” Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said in the release.

Ramsay mandated improved training notifications to area property owners a year ago, but his orders were not followed, the release said.

“The SWAT and EOD Units practice on a regular basis within our community to be ready for a multitude of scenarios,” Ramsay said in the release. “The vast majority of training takes place in areas that do not affect citizens in their day-to-day activities.