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Document: Wichita teacher sold cocaine to undercover deputy 7 times

Heather K. Jones
Heather K. Jones

A third-grade teacher sold cocaine out of her Wichita home and liked to pack the drugs into jewelry boxes for her customers, according to an affidavit released to The Eagle on Monday.

Heather K. Jones took a total of $3,770 cash in exchange for 101.5 grams cocaine from an undercover Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office detective on seven occasions before her July 11 arrest, according to the document. Jones, 48, who worked at Enders Open Magnet Elementary School in Wichita, is currently out on bond. She is awaiting an Aug. 31 preliminary hearing on seven counts of drug distribution, according to court records.

Jones no longer works for Wichita public schools, district spokeswoman Susan Arensman said by e-mail Tuesday.

The affidavit says the detective first arranged via text message to meet Jones on June 7 to buy 3.5 grams of cocaine for $140. After the detective arrived at Jones’ home, Jones gave the detective twice that amount and a necklace and agreed that the extra cocaine and jewelry could be paid for later.

The detective asked for another 3.5 grams of cocaine during the visit. Jones prepared it in her kitchen and gave it to the detective for another $140, the affidavit says.

Six days later, the detective contacted Jones again through a text message and asked to buy seven grams of cocaine for $280. After preparing the drugs, Jones “returned with a Mary Kay box and stated that she liked to put cocaine in boxes like these,” the affidavit says. The detective also paid $180 for the cocaine that had been fronted on the June 7 visit.

The detective sent text messages requesting drugs five more times. According to the affidavit, Jones prepared and sold to the detective:

▪ 14 grams of cocaine for $500 on June 16

▪ 14 grams of cocaine for $500 on June 23

▪ 21 grams of cocaine for $750 on June 30

▪ 28 grams cocaine for $1,000 on July 7

▪ Seven grams of cocaine for $280 on July 11

According to the affidavit, Jones would pack the drugs in plastic bags and sometimes tucked them inside of a pink jewelry box. Once she handed the detective a Kit Kat candy bar bag full of packets of the drug.

She would also leave bags of cocaine in her kitchen sink and ask that the detective leave the payment there, the affidavit says.

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