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Three to be tried on charges of attempted murder in College Hill shooting

Testifying Friday from a wheelchair, Inman Standifer said he felt nothing when he was shot and seriously wounded as he tried to hide behind a house in College Hill in October.

“I was intoxicated,” he testified as the first witness in a preliminary hearing for three men charged with attempted first-degree murder. “I got shot in the right hip, and I got shot on my left side, and then I got shot in my face right here,” he said, pointing to the left edge of his lips.

“What did you hear when you got shot?” prosecutor C.J. Rieg asked.

“Nothing; I was unconscious,” Standifer said.

“Where were you when you woke up?”

“Wesley ICU. I woke up and didn’t know how I got there. I was paralyzed from the waist down.”

Standifer, 53, said the shooting occurred after he got into a fight with another man while drinking at the home of a friend. The man he was fighting with hit him three times in the head with a cane, Standifer said, so he smashed an unopened bottle of Budweiser beer on his head. Standifer said he wrestled the cane away from the man before leaving the house.

Standifer said he was walking home about 1 a.m. on Oct. 12 when the man’s niece and two of his nephews showed up in a car and confronted him near a Phillips 66 station in the 200 block of South Hillside. After the niece wrestled the cane away from him, he said, the nephews chased him to the backyard of a house in the 200 block of South Holyoke.

He said he remembers hearing the voices of both nephews, Dominic Oliver, 29, and Demarkus Oliver, 18, before being shot.

The only other witness at the hearing was the niece, Danielle Oliver, 22, who said prosecutors told her they might reduce her attempted murder charge to a misdemeanor if she would cooperate and testify for the state. She said she has no signed agreement with prosecutors.

Danielle Oliver testified that shortly after the fight, her aunt called her and asked her to try to retrieve her uncle’s cane. She drove to the area near Douglas and Hillside looking for Standifer, she said. With her were her brothers and Marquez Barry, 28, her boyfriend at the time, she said.

After parking the car and wrestling the cane away from Standfier, Danielle Oliver testified, the three men who were with her went after Standifer on foot. As her brothers were getting back into the car, she testified, she heard three shots. She said Barry later returned to the car alone.

Defense lawyers noted that her version differed sharply from the testimony of Standifer, who said the Oliver brothers were the only ones at the scene when the shots were fired.

At the close of the hearing, District Judge Ben Burgess ruled that the state had presented enough evidence to take the case to trial. He set March 10 jury trials for all three defendants.