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Police: No evidence to support woman’s report of being robbed by officer

A week after it was first reported, Wichita police officials say they have found nothing to corroborate a woman’s report that she was pulled over and robbed at gunpoint by a man driving what looked like a patrol car and dressed in what appeared to be a Wichita Police Department uniform.

The 25-year-old woman called 911 at about 1:20 a.m. on Jan. 18 to report she had been pulled over in the 900 block of South Doreen, which is a few blocks west of Rock Road on Lincoln.

The woman said a man in his 20s approached her car and asked to see her license and registration, police officials have said. She looked down to get the documents and when she looked back up, he had a gun pointed at her head.

He ordered her out of the car, but she refused. He took a purse containing miscellaneous identification, a debit card and a small amount of cash, police have said.

He left in a dark-colored Crown Victoria with a red-and-blue light bar in its front bumper and a side floodlight, she told authorities.

Interviews with residents in the area of the reported robbery yielded no other witnesses or leads in the case, Lt. Doug Nolte said.

“We’ve not had any more information” in the case since then, Nolte said.

Wichita police do not have dark-colored Crown Victorias in their fleet, Nolte has said. In addition, Sedgwick County Emergency Communications tracks the location of every law enforcement officer and vehicle in the county and none were in that area at the time of the reported robbery.

Officers are unable to disable the tracking devices, which are in place as a safety measure.

The victim told police the man who robbed her was wearing a “soft green” uniform, Nolte said.

“That uniform is not authorized to be worn right now,” Nolte said. “Officers wear those in the summer time.”

An officer’s name is embroidered on those shirts, he said, but the woman was unable to see a name on the suspect’s shirt.