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Police confirm four arrests in Lindsey homicide

Police on Tuesday confirmed they have arrested four people – including twin brothers – and are looking for two more suspects in the killing of an unemployed man whose body was found in a wooded area in northeast Wichita last week.

Shawn M. Lindsey, 34, was last seen on the night of Jan. 11 by his girlfriend, who reported him missing two nights later. His body was found not far from K-96 and Hillside on the morning of Jan. 16.

“We believe he was killed on that evening” of Jan. 11 “and his body was placed in that field at that time,” homicide Lt. Todd Ojile said, adding that he would not discuss how or where Lindsey was killed.

Lindsey knew each of the men arrested in connection with his death, Ojile said.

The four people booked into jail on suspicion of first-degree murder are:

Jason Jones, 37, who was arrested Friday afternoon at 118 S. Vine.

Dang Sean, 32, was arrested with Jones at 118 S. Vine.

Anthony Garza, 28, was arrested at 632 S. Eastern on Sunday afternoon and booked into jail early Monday morning.

Justin Jones, 37, Jason’s twin brother, was arrested shortly before 2 a.m. Monday in the 2200 block of Cedar Crest.

Lindsey was a business partner for a short time with one of the suspects, Ojile said. They co-owned an automotive shop in west Wichita.

“The last job he had this automotive shop,” Ojile said. “That ended several months ago.”

Police aren’t releasing descriptions of the additional suspects.

“We do know who they are,” Ojile said. “We just have not been able to locate them.”

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