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Marriage License Applications, Annulments Granted, Divorces Granted

Marriage License Applications

Andra, Jonathan E. and Martin, Alyssa M., both of Wichita.

Barnett, Robert K. and Bright, Cristy I., both of Wichita.

Best, Gary B., Grenola, and Ternes, Patricia I., Wichita.

Blackwell, Chadrick T. and Cooper, Megan R., both of Derby.

Bloesing, George J. and Kreitler, Krista L., both of Wichita.

Brown, Anthony L. and Thompson, Antionette M., both of Wichita.

Brubaker, Kevin W. and Slechta, Kasey A., both of Derby.

Burns, Joseph M. and Armstrong, Jessica M., both of Goddard.

Butler, William E. Jr. and Fisher, Kalisha S., both of Wichita.

Butowski, Neil E. and Pyeatt, Shilah R., both of Wichita.

Cabell, Aaron E. and Kennedy, Rachel E., both of Wichita.

Camacho, Everardo and Estrada, Jessica L., both of Wichita.

Chancey, Kevin M., Fayetteville, N.C., and Diehl, Rebecca D., Derby.

Clanton, Bruce D. and Wise, Lisa A., both of Wichita.

Correa, Emmanuel and Erwin, Adriane M., both of Wichita.

Crager, Clinton E. and Lacy, Whitney E., both of Wichita.

Davis, Alan E. and Buss, Katrina M., both of Wichita.

Davis, Lavaris J. and Jones, Nakisha S., both of Wichita.

Dawson, Daniel R. and Richardson, Lauren J., both of Wichita.

Debes, Aaron P. and Geisler, Tanna M., both of Wichita.

Dehoff, Donald B. and White, Cocoa L., both of Wichita.

Easter, Matthew D. and Burleson, Abigail L., both of Wichita.

Ellis, Norman R. and Lund, Anne M., both of Wichita.

Enegren, Paul P. and Alvarez-Castillo, Silvia Y., both of Wichita.

Epperson, David M. and Miller, Katy S., both of Wichita.

Farr, Leroy W. and Allen, Jacci K., both of Wichita.

Ferguson, Ryan S., Haysville, and Reist, Whitney O., Wichita.

Flaherty, Joshua R. and Tones, Heather M., both of Wichita.

Goerlich, Aaron J. and Davis, Faith M., both of Wichita.

Gonzalez, Oscar and Alvarado, Thelma Y., both of Wichita.

Goode, Brandon L. and Dester, Shawna R., both of Wichita.

Goodwin, Ryan L. and Smith, Lindsey M., both of Colwich.

Gordon, Jason E. and Meredith, Erin L., both of Wichita.

Granados, Jose L. and Falcon, Brenda, both of Wichita.

Green, James D. and Craft, Nancy G., both of Wichita.

Guerrero, Timothy R. Jr. and Guidas, Molly E., both of Maize.

Hackler, Bradley J. and Bicknell, Tamra M., both of Wichita.

Harder, Robert A., Wichita, and Tedesco, Phyllis K., Valley Center.

Hellman, Michael L. and Gibbs, Shannon K., both of Wichita.

Henderson, Wesley V., Wichita, and McCulley, Elizabeth D., Maize.

Hogan, James M. II and Ware, Bernadette R., both of Wichita.

Hurst, Allen M. and Gipson, Christina J., both of Wichita.

Johnson, Thomas P., Derby, and Rutherford, Randi A., Stillwater, Okla.

Jones, James T. II and Jones, Anita L., both of Wichita.

Knoblauch, Brian K. and Walden, Trisha N., both of Wichita.

Kurse, Joseph T. and Underwood, Amber M., both of Wichita.

Lamar, Ryan D., Valley Center, and Rice, Kylee N., Wichita.

Lang, Brandon M. and Nguyen, Phuong T.T., both of Chicago, Ill.

Lockwood, Kyle E. and Bolen, Bobbi J., both of Wichita.

Lomas, Eric W. and Avey, Rachel E., both of Wichita.

Lopez, Francisco and Dominguez, Luz E., both of Wichita.

Mabe, Andrew D. and Sanders, Michelle R., both of Wichita.

Makripodis, Goldsboro, N.C., and Stevens, Stevi N., Wichita.

Malahimi, Hicham, Kissimmee, Fla., and Eggleston, Alisha L., Wichita.

Mann, Derek A. and King, April A., both of Wichita.

Massions, Michael F. and Gutierrez, Jasmine T., both of Wichita.

McLain, Owen A. and Johnson, Jacquelyn A., both of Wichita.

Molina, Carlos A. and Clark, Amber N., both of Wichita.

Nyambane, Jackson and Moon, Sheena K., both of Wichita.

Parker, Tyler J. and Parsons, Meagan N., both of Wichita.

Paschal, Timothy and Paschal, Denise M., both of Wichita.

Phillippi, Tevor L. and Elmer, Heather D., both of Wichita.

Poell, Adam N. and Achey, Kerri D., both of Kechi.

Price, Nathaniel L. and Brown, Rebekah L., both of Wichita.

Rahm, Robert A.E. and Constable, Lindsey S., both of Wichita.

Ramirez, Jose M. and Salazar, Diana, both of Wichita.

Randall, Marcus W. and Gallardo, Sheila R., both of Wichita.

Robinson, Edward E. and Yoxall, Becky S., both of Wichita.

Russell, Thomas D. and Bell, Jaclyn S., both of Wichita.

Sagerty, Mark A. Jr. and Malone, Lindsey D., both of Wichita.

Salcido, Victor M. and Rosales-Toca, Sandy E., both of Wichita.

Skelton, Todd R. Jr. and Crisler, Jennifer M., both of Wichita.

Smith, Brett J. and Mitchell, Lauren S., both of Lawrence.

Smith, Curtis A. and Phillips, Bernice L., both of Wichita.

Stanley, Michael P. and Rowe, Marcella R., both of Wichita.

Steele, Kenneth C. and Gallegos, Pamela J., both of Wichita.

Swan, Wayne Jr. and Smith, Marva R., both of Wichita.

Sylvester, Wesley J., Wichita, and Dorsey, Rachel M., Emporia.

Thibodeaux, Peter W. Jr. and Taylor, Kaminah L., both of Wichita.

Thomas, Nathan L. and Higgins, Brittney M., both of Wichita.

Turner, Paul D. and Parker, Teresa L., both of Douglass.

Vaught, Bobby T. and Farrell, Amy M., both of Wichita.

Walker, David D., Winterville, N.C., and Avey, Renee A., Wichita.

Watson, Chad P. and Healy, Elizabeth A., both of Mulvane.

Wiesner, Darryn B. and Haverfield, Micah L., both of Wichita.

Wilson, Michael A. and Webb, Joy L., both of Wichita.

Winfield, Charles G. and Thompson, Jameelah J., both of Wichita.

Divorces Granted

Ahrens, Daniel R. and Billinger, Renee J.

Aiko, Duncan B. and McPherson, Bretena D.

Baker, Jasun C. and Bullock, Rebecca.

Baker, Kevin and Enoch, Lynne.

Barnett, Scott and Voge-Barnett, Vanessa.

Benson, Bryon Douglas and Denise Kay.

Blandes, Jeanstar Koku and Linear, Clarence III.

Boesen, John M. and Sherry D.

Browning, Katherine Louise and Kenneth Scott.

Burroughs, Kesha and Lynn, James.

Carroll, Lonnia S. and Burlingame, David Ray.

Chambers, Robert D. Jr. and Shelly J.

Consolver, Michael L. and Mahnaz B.

Cruz, Casandra L. and Martinez, Matthew.

Davis, Patricia and Mark A.

Dennihan, Barbara J. and Patrick J.

Eaton, Jerry D. and Carol L.

Fetter, Dennis J. and Holly A.

Fowler, Emory C. and Crystal L.

Frasier, Shane Allen and Sara Beth.

Frazier, Arthena and Gisemba, Cliffe.

Friday, Terri Lynn and Walter Lee.

Greer, Alysha L. and Barton, Jason James.

Grimes, Steven W. and Dorothy Evelyn.

Hansell, Amy and Matthew.

Harding, Kristin D. and Michael.

Harrison, Elizabeth T. and Scott David.

Ibarra, Francisco J. and Gamblin, Diana K.

Johnson, Celeina and Demetrius L.

Jurich, Martin J. and Carrie A.

Khamsiharath, Villay and Rathsaphakdy, Tony.

Lavigne, Christopher Thomas and Marharyta.

Lawson, Brittany and Gilbert, Peter.

Mayer, Karen K. and Christopher L.

McDonald, Amy Diane and David Gary.

McSwain, Byron and Kimberly A.

Miller, Anthony D. and Becky A.

Owen, Stephen D. and Sandra K.

Patterson, Christopher and Lara K.

Pope, June and Michael.

Rae, Chyresse R. and Feist, Jay A.

Renault, Valerie and Derrick.

Robinson, Kimberly A. and Sylvester.

Schaben, Judith and William J.

Shoemaker, Misty D. and Owen L.

Smith, Renee A. and Thomas, Arthur J.

Snyder, Lisa Dian and Donald Lee Jr.

Snyder, Ragan L. and Michael P.

Spivey, Jerry Dee and Shields, Alice M.

Stout, Jennifer L. and William M.

Thomas, Nicole Liniece and Eric Darnell.

Van Ryn, Rochelle Renae and Frank Robert Jr.

Vaquera, Nemecia and Vaquera-Rueda, Joel.

Wagle, Jennifer A. and Mark S.

Waidley, Christina Dawn and James Jay.