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Marriage License Applications, Annulments Granted, Divorces Granted

Marriage License Applications

Alhabcheh, Odai M. and Arias, Cristina I., both of Wichita.

Allen, Jeffery R. and Wheeler, Callie J., both of Wichita.

Arambula, Eliseo and Ibarra, Jocelyn K., both of Wichita.

Arrellano, Alfredo A. and Alvarez, Savera A., both of Wichita.

Ayala, Luis F. and Lopez, Faviola, both of Wichita.

Barber, Jonathan P. and Barber, Faith M., both of Wichita.

Berkins, Michael and Ngetich, Brenda, both of Wichita.

Bobbitt, Gary E. and Alexander, Brendha F., both of Wichita.

Brim, Deiontrae R. and Hedrick, Melissa S., both of Wichita.

Brown, Lawrence W. and Kunkel, Kera M.S., both of Wichita.

Carter, Dorphan and Green, Lenora K., both of Wichita.

Castro, Jose A., Salina, and Degarw, Kathleen A., Augusta.

Chambers, Justin B. and McDow, Miranda L., both of Wichita.

Chaouki, Charafeddine and Marhfour, Mariam, both of Wichita.

Cobos, Samuel C. and Lopez, Maria G., both of Wichita.

Davis, Tyler O. and Crockett, Tinesha M., both of Wichita.

Fewin, Jamie R. and Holden, Emily L., both of Wichita.

Frye, Kane M. and Bazil, Jennifer L., both of Wichita.

Gallacher, Brian J. and Stevens, Jennifer J.R., both of Wichita.

Gallardo, Porfirio I. and Sosa, Helena, both of Wichita.

Gibb, Wesley J. and Medlin, Nichole M., both of Wichita.

Gil, Houston D. and Pauly, Kassie L., both of Cheney.

Gillen, Dennis L., Wichita, and Tiesmeyer, Lana L., Kingman.

Gilson, Randal P., Bedford, Texas, and Heuett, Shenelle L., Wichita.

Giri, Sujan and Sharma, Pratigya, both of Wichita.

Gonzalez-Frias, Francisco and Hook, Amanda, both of Wichita.

Grim, Matthew S. and Best, Jordan J., both of Wichita.

Hall, Eric R. and Berube, Kristin J., both of Wichita.

Hargis, Jack L., Augusta, and Horinek, Cynthia C., Wichita.

Homan, Jacob A. and Dibbles, Kanika D., both of Wichita.

Huff, Matthew R. and Pruitt, Jessica D., both of Wichita.

Leak, Daniel P., Wichita, and Grubb, Linda L., Derby.

Lozoya, Carlos I. and Alvarez, Michelle, both of Wichita.

Lynch, Mark T. and Hughes, Sarah J., both of Wichita.

Martinez, Adrian and Baez Ortega, Rosario, both of Wichita.

McAferty, Timothy L. and Thomas, Kimberly M., both of Park City.

McDow, Nicholas L. and Cunningham, Brittany M., both of Wichita.

McPhail, Douglas J., Derby, and Brown, Sandra P., Rose Hill.

McVey, Kelly T. and Owen, Sondria D., both of Wichita.

Means, Armon A., Manhattan, and Mayberry, Rachel L., Derby.

Menchaca, Marcos R. and White, Brittany M., both of Wichita.

Meyer, Luke A. and Ford, Danielle M., both of Wichita.

Miller, Paul E., Haysville, and Roland, Terri A., Derby.

Nguyen, An H. and Le, Mani T., both of Wichita.

Notz, Johnathan M. and Kilic, Patricia S., both of Derby.

Page, Dustin T. and Allan, Christina M., both of Wichita.

Parker, Deandre R. and Mitchell, Aleshia M., both of Wichita.

Payan, Saul M. and Trillo, Talia G., both of Wichita.

Pham, Dan Q. and Vuu, Kim T., both of Wichita.

Ponce, Eliseo and Lopez, Marilu, both of Wichita.

Prats, Anthony and Prathumnun, Nichaphat, both of Wichita.

Richey, Kevin C. and Chism, Sarah R., both of Wichita.

Rivera, Joeseph H. and Coley, Kayle C., both of Wichita.

Rodriguez, Fernando R. and Rebholz, Bethany D., both of Wichita.

Rogers, Raymond M., Wichita, and Prieto, Fabiana D., Praia Grande, Brazil.

Rolfes, Jeffrey N. and Pham, Christine U., both of Wichita.

Rupe, Douglas G. and Langton, Tamara J., both of Wichita.

Salmon, Shane D. and Salmon, Lisa C., both of Wichita.

Seitz, Matthew B., Derby, and Hamilton, Elizabeth R., Albuquerque, N.M.

Serl, Michael S., Mulvane, and Stewart, Jennifer H., Hutchinson.

Siduangchay, Kiangsak and Ketpanya, Oun, both of Wichita.

Snell, Cory T. and Libel, Sandra M., both of Maize.

Snyder, Morgan C. and Gale, Margaret B., both of Wichita.

Tucker, Axel D. and Light, Madison H., both of Haysville.

Wedel, David L. and Winslow, Tara N., both of Newton.

Wine, Brad A. and Davis, Tara M., both of Wichita.

Annulments Granted

Greenstreet, Sonya and Price, James Lee.

Reese, Roy W. and Fox, Lena M.

Valentine, Kandus Lee and Hitt, David Lee.

Divorces Granted

Anderson, Catherine A. and Robert N.

Bacon, Shari W. and Larry Dean.

Ball, Travis W. and Rhonda S.

Bana, Mahamane Lawali and Kent, Lora Lee.

Beaty, Adam Stewart and Haya, Amber Dawn.

Blanton, Brian J. and Crystal L.

Bruce, Tom L. and Tina M.

Bush, Angela R. and John M.

Colling, Christina A. and Bruce G.

Collins, Jennifer Jill and Jeffrey Dean.

Cook, Clint Waylon and Joann Marie.

Ellis, Neyda Susana and Gonzalez, Guadalupe.

Harmon, Stephanie L. and Michealson, Steven J.

Harrington, John Michael and Karla.

Herzberg, Ray Rodgers and Niki Elaine.

Hill, Jennifer E. and James D.

Le, Phung K. and Huynh, Tazy K.

Lee, Sharay and Robert.

Lynch, Matthew B. and Goheen, Jennifer Lynn.

Marshall, Jason Andrew and Melody Brooke.

Martinez, Timothy B. and Applegate, Cristy.

Morales, Jennifer L. and Marple, William J.

Nevarez, Krista D. and Roberto.

Padgett, Amy E. and Gould, Ryan C.

Rice, Carolyn and Darryl A.

Roberts, Sabrina and Addo, Samuel.

Sauber, Mary M. and Brian J.

Smith, Rebecca B. and Wall, Tyson R.

Wilson, Danielle A. and Gary E.