Crime & Courts

Marriage License Applications, Annulments Granted, Divorces Granted

Marriage License Applications

Allen, Jay B., Walton, and Bauer, Tracy C., Wichita.

Bell, Michael R. and Albers, Jaculin C., both of Wichita.

Bessler, Keith W. and Bessler, Mary E., both of Wichita.

Brown, Ryan M. and Martin, Laurie S., both of Wichita.

Capadona, Joseph G. and Butler, Lisa M., both of Wichita.

Cargile, T'Roy B. and Holdt, Tiffany R., both of Wichita.

Chuon, Anthony and Bui, Agnes N., both of Wichita.

Cooley, David L. and Grant, Kimberly A., both of Wichita.

Davis, Christopher R. and Quaney, Megan R., both of Wichita.

Deck, Michael D., Haysville, and Wu, Jie, Guangzhou, China.

Felix, Jose J. and Gutierrez, Juanita, both of Wichita.

Figueroa, Victor K., Phoenix, Ariz., and Rogers, Jesscia A., Wichita.

Fisher, Vincent M. and Piland, Kelsey L., both of Mulvane.

Garcia, Juan A. and Najar, Tammy S., both of Wichita.

Garcia, Leo J. and Wike, Angelica C., both of Wichita.

Gould, Jonathan K. and Hudson, Sarah R., both of Derby.

Gray, Scott A., Butler, and Williams, Bertha A.H., Wichita.

Greene, Marquise A. and Johnson, Lavay S., both of Wichita.

Hankins, Johnnie L. and Bobo, Clinetta M., both of Wichita.

Hanna, Sheldon W., Wichita, and Herrell, Rachel A., Manhattan.

Hernandez, Jesus and Gutierrez, Lorrie A., both of Wichita.

Hernandez, Jose S., Roma, Texas, and Ibarra, Sandra, Wichita.

Hines, Curtis A. and Sanchez, Dieondra A., both of Wichita.

Ibarra, Adrian and Phelps, Amanda S., both of Wichita.

Jaax, Christopher B. and Truman, Emily M., both of Wichita.

Jackson, Grover B. Jr. and Bringinggood, Kelly A., both of Wichita.

James, Cameron R. and Linnebur, Courtney M., both of Wichita.

Jenkins, Bradley A. and Le, Ngoc T., both of Wichita.

Johnson, Harry C. and Jantz, Jennifer N., both of Wichita.

Kastens, William C. II, Bucklin, and Chapman, Kristia A., Wichita.

Lang, Andrew R. and Blackmon, Ashley R., both of Wichita.

Lewis, Robert A. and Maxwell, Zetta L., both of Wichita.

Love, David A. and Andre, Jessica M., both of Wichita.

Mace, Ronald J. and Theriault, Teresa L., both of Wichita.

Martin, August W. and Montalbano, Danielle M., both of Wichita.

McFarland, Birts W. and Ford, Manisha D., both of Wichita.

McIntosh, Michael M. and Scamahorn, Melissa D., both of Wichita.

McNeill, Albert and Converse, Heather R., both of Wichita.

Montgomery, David W. and Stimson, Emily L., both of Wichita.

Morckel, Arthur K. and Welch, Sarah K., both of Wichita.

Mullin, Gayle S. and Williamson, Michana R., both of Wichita.

Nguyen, Philip P. and Do, Tina T., both of Wichita.

Nguyen, Thomas T. and Nguyen, Ly T.H., both of Wichita.

Ottaway, Danny E. and Shalon, Galyna, both of Derby.

Parks, Kegan L. and Scott, Ariell E., both of Wichita.

Pearce, Benjamin T. and Duran, Rachel R., both of Wichita.

Peete, Dawayne T. and Sampson, Shalandrya D., both of Wichita.

Pekarek, Kevin A. and Crawford, Stephanie R., both of Wichita.

Pendergraft, Roger D. and Lansdown, Doris M., both of Wichita.

Pinge, Don W. and Zuazo, Fanny Y., both of Wichita.

Query, Jerry D. and Brand, Elexis J., both of Wichita.

Quezada-Varela, Javier and Macias-Vazquez, Martha E., both of Wichita.

Rea, David E. and Orle, Katelyn G., both of Wichita.

Riggle, Bradley S. and Oster, Brenda K., both of Wichita.

Roberts, Brock C. and Johnson, Angela S., both of Wichita.

Rodriguez, David Jr. and Mills, Breanna D., both of Wichita.

Rogers, Deandre D. and Maloney, Shyla, both of Wichita.

Schweizer, Ryan J. and Ferrell, Angela K., both of Wichita.

Shrestha, Bijen K. and Conrad, Virginia L., both of Wichita.

Soto, Martin G. and Ramirez, Jessica L., both of Wichita.

Stallings, TJ, Wichita, and Baxter, Taylor F., St. Louis, Ill.

Terry, Edward L. and Simpson, Katharyne S., both of Wichita.

Toodle, Willie L and Gaither, Sharon L., both of Wichita.

Tovar Aguilera, Hector B. and Ruiz Silvestre, Ana K., both of Wichita.

Vazquez, Francisco J. and Orozco, Alma S., both of Wichita.

Weragoda Vidanelage, Thimuthu and Perera, Liyanage D., both of Wichita.

Williams, Samuel J., Los Angeles, Calf., and Diggs, Senoria K., Wichita.

Wilson, Benjamin W. and Ireland, Blythe E., both of Wichita.

Wilson, Michael A. and Webb, Joy L., both of Wichita.

Woodson, Albert N. and Osburn, Jamie L., both of Wichita.

Wycoff, Micheal S. and Hayden, Robin L., both of Columbia, Mo.

Zapote-Cruz, Cayetano and Fermin-Trejo, Josefina, both of Wichita.

Zimbelman, Daniel J. and Arnold, Janna L., both of Wichita.

Annulments Granted

Brown, Tremeeka R. and Mtambo, Haji,

Brophy, Chase E. and Taren C.

Chick, Christopher J. and Bascue, Brittany A.

Divorces Granted

Abdallah, Emily A. and Nash, Johnny III.

Akred-Kelley, Tammy and Phillips, Telford Eugene.

Beach, Ann V. and Kerry L.

Borgen, Dalanna and Richard.

Breiner, Rodney and Kay.

Chairs, Gerald and Hawk, Kathy L.

Cobb Masterson, Melanie and Masterson, Ian Matthew.

Cook, Mindi Ellen and Andrew Brian.

Cunningham-Hall, Stacey M. and Hall, Michael R.

Davis, Heidi R. and Edwin D.

Dreher, Carina F. and Moore, Duane R.

Edomwonyi, Frank O. and Emily Jane.

Feliciano, Misti D. and Denison, Daniel L.

Godinez, Jesus and Ibanez, Hilda M.

Hall, LaBan E. and Kimberly A.

Hoose, Erica Nichole and Guinn, Aaron E.

Hopper-Healey, Kimberly M. and Healey, Adam S.

Ikerionwu, Ikenna C. and Parms, Salisa.

Johnson, Tyrone O. and Roman, Yaney.

Kingrey, Amanda S. and Scott D.

Kramer, Jimi N. and Gregory D.

McAdam, Peggy R. and Fred T.

Miller, Glenda Y. and Adam Alexander.

Morrow, Megan and Bennett, Darrell II.

Patrick Donna and Ward, Leonard B.

Patrick, Nathan Lee and Beverly Irene.

Phillips, Jennifer A. and Kenneth E.

Piland,Karla Sue and Moon, Michael William.

Price, Joshua R. and Brandy A.

Reyes Zamorano, Claudia Ann and Zamorano, James Patrick.

Schmidt, Deanna and Russell.

Shook, Lori J. and Joe C.

Tyler, James Mark and LaRhonda Carol.

Wallace, Courtney T. and Harris, Roy L.

Williams, Robert Eugene Jr. and Charity, Mona.

Zepick, Carolyn and Lyle.