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Marriage License Applications, Annulments Granted, Divorces Granted

Marriage License Applications

Ajisope, Gbolahan A. and Mitchell, Keshayla D., both of Wichita.

Andrade-Rodriguez, Pedro and Aldava, Selestina, both of Wichita.

Barnett, Clinton D. and Rohr, Jessica, both of Wichita.

Bikus, Matthew A. and Laning, Debra K., both of Wichita.

Breeden, Christopher S. and Alexander, Kimber L., both of Bel Aire.

Brennan, Ryan T. and Haney, Katherine A., both of Derby.

Brown, Sean P. and Duntz, Samantha R., both of Wichita.

Buoy, Gary D. and Vanauken, Paige R., both of Mt. Hope.

Bustamante, Oscar A. and Bustamante, Olivia, both of Wichita.

Caballero, Rojelio Jr. and Rodriguez, Vickie V., both of Wichita.

Cabrales, Arturo and Resendiz, Tammy J., both of Wichita.

Catillo, Santos I. and Rosas, Josephina, both of Wichita.

Chalo, Elmer A. and Hatfield, Tammy L., both of Wichita.

Cheng, Chang R., Wichita, and Tan, Le Z., Mexico City, Mex.

Collier, Demres E. and Mganga, Victoria M., both of Wichita.

Cruz, Angel and Villa-Zamarripa, Angelica M., both of Wichita.

Cuellar, Carlos A. and Ocon, Yesenia, both of Wichita.

Dawson, Baron K. and Lee, Hannah J., both of Wichita.

Diep, Tony V. and Jarrell, W. Jessica D., both of Wichita.

Dillard, Lemuel A. and Moore, Antoinette M., both of Wichita.

Fields, Rodrick L. and Singletary, Marita, both of Wichita.

Francis, Dustin L. and Bieberle, Jill C., both of Wichita.

Goering, Michael J. and Uplinger, Kara A., both of Wichita.

Graves, Phillip A. and Chambray, Sherre'e M., both of Wichita.

Harding, Ryan S. and O'Dell, Kayla K., both of Wichita.

Hatter, Robert W. and Guisado, Tamara K., both of Wichita.

Henseler, Francis J. and Leach, MariLana A., both of Wichita.

Hoang, Long and McCall, Lindsay M., both of Wichita.

Hotze, William G. and Richardson, Astella D., both of Wichita.

Hutton, Wesley L. and Moore, Brittany R., both of Wichita.

Lampe, Jimmy M. Jr. and Fender, Julie A., both of Valley Center.

Little, Robert A. and Holmes, Cindy L., both of Wichita.

Lopez, Omar A. and Rivera, Ivonne M., both of Wichita.

Lorato, Thomas and Njogu, Sabrina A., both of Wichita.

Lutz, Thomas C. and Kathagnarath, Manivaine, both of Wichita.

McPhaul, Alveno L. Sr. and Franklin, Ashton D., both of Wichita.

Mguyen, Kinh and Vu, Melanie, both of Wichita.

Mwasota, Frank T. and Mille, Sarah A., both of Wichita.

Nance, Ricky W. and Ledezma, and Julie K., both of Wichita.

Nelson, David L. and Sabala, Melissa D., both of wichita.

Oliver, Brenton D. and Harris, Precious M., both of Wichita.

Orellana, William A. and Martinez, Maricela M., both of Wichita.

Parker, De'Armond M. and Freeman, Vanesha S., both of Wichita.

Philbrick, Keith L. and Price, Amber N., both of Derby.

Porter, Blake A. and Bloomcamp, Christie M., both of Winfield.

Purcell, Derek M. and Atheridge, Sarah E., both of Wichita.

Rabedew, Michael J. and Horn, Karissa D., both of Wichita.

Roberts, Delvone E. and Turner, Hilda J., both of Wichita.

Robinson, Antonio M. and Peters, Edith E., both of Wichita.

Rodriguez, Carlos and Thompson, Sarrah T., both of Wichita.

Ross, Larry L. and Weaver, Allex, A., both of Wichita.

Rufnak, Michael J. and Hetzel, Amanda L., both of Wichita.

Shook, Scott A. and Adams, Amber L., both of Wichita.

Siduangchay, Billy and Douangsili, Noy, both of Wichita.

Sim, David M. and Gunter, Christina R., both of Wichita.

Smith, Jason S. and Colbert, Tracee' R., both of Wichita.

Smith, Joe Clarence Jr. and Jones, Tiffany A., both of Wichita.

Snavely, Kyle D. and Longire, Ashlee B., both of Wichita.

Spoon, Joseph A. and Spoon, Lori L., both of Wichita.

Swink, Jordan L. and Jones, Tammy J., both of Wichita.

Talayaratne, Johaann M. and Ashby Stephanie M., both of Wichita.

Tangu, Fadhili A. and Thompson, Kelesha M., both of Wichita.

Travnichek, Jonathan A. and Johnston, Paige I., both of Wichita.

Tucker, Mark S., Kansas City, Mo., and Patterson, Vicki K., Park City.

Turner, Nathan A. and Siedler, Christina M., both of Andover.

Watson, Devin J. and Kueffler, Theresa A., both of Wichita.

Weinley, Zakory T. and Pohlman, Felecia F., both of Derby.

Yost, Greg A. and Dossett, Tabatha, both of Wichita.

Young, Paul B. and Burkholder, Kayla R., both of Wichita.

Zimmerman, Christopher D. and Cottrell, Melody A., both of Wichita.

Annulments Granted

Bilbrey, Grant and Blaine, Gabrielle.

Divorces Granted

Aitken, Robert C. and Van Gieson, Jessica Jolleen.

Alberson, Debra Marie and Jasper, James Edward.

Awan, Fatima and Ali, Muhammad Shahid.

Bachle, Marcella E. and Lee E.

Bisle, Frankie Joe Jr. and MacMartin, Jenna Lynn.

Brennan, Jaime M. and John J. Jr.

Brown, Jason T. and Jessica L.

Cary, Stedman Eugene and Winfrey-Cary, Virginia Sue.

Coats, Angela Lynn and Chad Allan.

Crownover, Bryan K. and Poelma-Crownover, Jan M.

Davis, Chad W. and Yergeau, Kendra.

Dewees, Robert G. and Ragsdale, Martha S.

Eagan, Elizabeth and Larry.

Evans, Brenda L. and Jerome Dewey.

Gonzalez, Virginia and Wayne.

Goree, William Gregory and Katherine White.

Harvey, Sandra K. and Francis M.

Hoggatt, Susan L. and Thomas J.

Kohlman, Lacey and Ryan.

McCleary, Addie M. and Leon E.

McCoy, Keri and Campbell, Russell G.

McDowell, John L. and Alexander, Tania Jane.

Merrell, Jennifer Melinda and Groshans, Jeffrey Michael.

Moreland, Sherrill Ann and Wallace, Noel Keith.

Newman, Kenneth M. Jr. and Putt, Pauline Lai Wan.

Ngo, Michael and Tjan, Rica.

Quinn, Carmen and Seaver, Mark Alan.

Raehpour, David and Teresa.

Scott, Karla K. and Boaldin, Christopher R.

Sepeda, Diana and Gustin, Darin L.

Simmons, Jennifer L. and Dennis.

Smith, Stephany A. and Gimple, Robert.

Smith-Basgall, Rhodora and Basgall, Keith D.

Steckman, Henry and Ramona L.

Tate, Tiffany and Justin D.

Updegraff, Crystal M. and Black, James J.

Walls, Patricia E. and Bennett, Craig Anthony.

Watson, Tawnee D. and Etenyi, Humphrey E.

Weilert, Leigh M. and Price, Ryan H.