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West-side shootings in Wichita may be randomly related

Two west-side residents found bullets lodged in their houses this week in what are described by police as apparently random and possibly connected shootings.

No one was injured in either shooting.

The shootings apparently occurred early Wednesday — one in the 9600 block of West Maple, near Rolling Hills Country Club; the other in the 13600 block of Lost Creek, near 13th Street and 119th Street West, police Lt. Joe Schroeder said Friday.

At the Maple house, where a 69-year-old woman lives, a bullet pierced the front door, a recliner and a couch before lodging between walls, he said. Neighbors heard about 10 shots.

At the Lost Creek house, where a 27-year-old woman lives, a bullet hit a garage door and lodged in a car, Schroeder said.

The shootings could be related because they occurred in the same general area, Schroeder said. They appear to be random because there's no obvious reason why either victim would be targeted, he said.

It's not clear whether someone fired from a vehicle or was on foot.