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Sedgwick County sweep turns up improperly registered sex offenders

A sweep this week by the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office found that 17 registered sex offenders were improperly registered.

The Sheriff's Office offender registration unit conducted a verification sweep Thursday at the residences of 197 sex offenders in the Wichita area. Eight sheriff's deputies and eight Wichita police officers were involved in the sweep.

Authorities found that 17 sex offenders had moved and not reported their new address, or never lived at the given address, or had given an address that did not exist.

Offenders who fail to register or give false or misleading information may be charged with felony noncompliance of offender registration.

Convicted sex offenders in Kansas are required under state statute to register with their local sheriff's office every four months. Among other required information, offenders must provide their home address, employment, a new photograph and information on vehicles they drive.

The information is entered into the offender watch program, which is accessible to the public through the sheriff's website,

Residents may search for the presence of offenders in proximity to any address in Sedgwick County. They also may sign up for e-mail alerts that notify them should an offender move into their neighborhood.

There are 1,655 registered offenders in Sedgwick County. Convicted felons required to register in Kansas include sex offenders, violent criminals and specific drug law violators.