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Man shot to death at Wichita apartment complex

When a young woman looked out and saw a man wearing only green boxers stumble by her apartment in the sunshine Monday, she didn't realize at the time that he had been gravely wounded.

Although she didn't see anyone chasing him, she assumed he was fleeing from someone.

"He kept looking back like he was scared," she said Monday night after being interviewed by police. She asked that her name not be used.

She learned later that the man died after being shot multiple times.

Police say the victim was in his 20s. The shooting was reported around 11:40 a.m. Monday at Fox Run Apartments, 1157 S. Webb.

By Monday evening, beginning outside an apartment in Building 17, investigators had set up a trail of small orange cones in the same area where they said the man left a trail of blood after being shot inside the apartment and jumping through a ground-floor bedroom window. The man made it a couple hundred feet from the apartment before collapsing, police Lt. Walker Andrews said.

Police became involved after they received a call to check on a man lying in an open, grassy area in the large apartment complex.

They found a man with what appeared to be four gunshot wounds —"enough to be lethal," Andrews said.

During a briefing for reporters, Andrews said investigators had no leads on what precipitated the shooting — the city's fifth homicide this year.

Evidence showed that the shooting occurred inside the apartment and that the man jumped through the window, cutting his legs, Andrews said.

The man was taken in critical condition by ambulance to Wesley Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead shortly after noon, Andrews said.

Later, a crime scene investigator took photos of the broken-out window, where torn and mangled blinds hung to the ground.

Andrews said he couldn't say whether the man lived at the apartment.

"We don't know who was here," he said.

"We're hoping somebody heard or saw something."

Police asked that anyone with information about the shooting call 911.

After the shooting, police cordoned off the apartment building and went door to door in the complex. Officers walked along a wooden privacy fence on the south side of the building, peering over into a child care center playground and office park.

Other investigators crisscrossed the grassy area and parking lot, scanning the ground. Wearing rubber gloves, one officer checked inside a large trash container outside the apartment building.

One by one and in small groups, people who seemed to know the victim — some were in tears — walked up to the crime scene tape.

Police escorted some of the people to different police cars.

As word spread that the shooting victim had died, a young man who had been standing in the parking lot began to shout and wail. Sobbing, he staggered across the parking lot and fell onto the grass as officers tried to console him.

One officer put an arm around him and walked him toward a patrol car, where he was helped into a seat.