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To boost the budget, court costs go up statewide

The price of getting married went up Tuesday.

So did court costs for traffic tickets and the fee for suing someone.

In Wichita and across Kansas, the fees for many court filings increased Tuesday to help offset budget cuts to the judicial system.

It now costs $80 for a marriage license — $21 more than it did Monday.

The surcharges were ordered statewide by the Kansas Supreme Court and authorized this year by lawmakers.

The first bump in court costs took place last summer to help make up $15.9 million in cuts to the state courts budget.

The first bump was $10. This year, the surcharge was raised by $7.50 in most cases.

So if you receive a traffic ticket in Kansas, you'll be responsible for the fine and $93.50 in court costs.

Sedgwick County charges an extra $2 to help support its law library.

"Some fees went up more than $7.50, some didn't go up at all," said Bernie Lumbreras, clerk of the Sedgwick County District Court.

The cost of filing a civil lawsuit, for example, went up only $5, to $175. The filing fee for small claims did not change, Lumbreras said.