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Maize student charged with rape

A Maize South High School student suspended from school last month faces nine counts of sex crimes — including rape — that took place over the past two years, according to court records.

Prosecutors want to try the 17-year-old male as an adult due to the seriousness of the charges and pattern of antisocial or violent behavior, according to court records.

If he is tried as an adult, five of the nine charges would be considered felonies, records show.

The prosecution's request may be addressed at a pre-trial conference scheduled for today, Judge Bruce Brown said.

Court records indicate there were at least five juvenile victims.

According to court records, the nine charges are:

* Rape related to a June 2008 incident in which a victim said the suspect forced sex.

* Aggravated sodomy in late 2008.

* Sexual battery in November 2008.

* Aggravated sexual battery related to the touching of a victim in January 2009.

* Lewd and lascivious behavior related to a spring 2009 incident in which a 15-year-old victim said the suspect exposed himself.

* Battery related to aggressive contact in April 2009.

* Battery related to aggressive behavior in February.

* Battery on March 9.

* Lewd and lascivious behavior related to a March 10 incident in which a 14-year-old victim said the suspect exposed himself.

Maize superintendent Doug Powers said at least one of the most recent incidents happened during school or a school activity.

He sent an e-mail to Maize district parents on April 1 saying the student had been suspended and reminding them how to report harassment.

School leaders aren't conducting their own investigation at this time, but they are cooperating with law enforcement, spokeswoman Karen McDermott said.