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KC man accused of drugging kids for porn

A Kansas City man jailed since October on child pornography charges is facing new allegations that he drugged and abused multiple children.

James Phillip Edwards was charged Wednesday in a 21-count indictment alleging that between 2001 and 2005 he used 13 children to produce or attempted to produce child pornography. The indictment alleges he drugged five of the victims with sleeping pills to facilitate the abuse.

Edwards, 60, concealed the drugs in ice cream and soda, previously filed court documents allege. Edwards then abused the victims and videotaped the abuse, the documents allege.

This week's indictment replaces a previous indictment in October charging Edwards with possession of child pornography and with advertising and attempting to distribute child pornography over the Internet.

The investigation began last May when an FBI agent in Oklahoma used a file-sharing computer program to download child pornography images from the Internet. Investigators traced the images to Edwards' computer, according to the allegations.

Officers served a search warrant at his residence in October. The subsequent examination of computer files turned up multiple images of girls being given drinks and ice cream before they are shown apparently unconscious, prosecutors allege.