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Hutch child rapist sentenced

HUTCHINSON — A Reno County judge on Friday sentenced a Hutchinson man to nearly 43 years in prison for molesting 6-year-old twin sisters he was baby-sitting.

District Judge Richard Rome sentenced Curtis McCallister to a cumulative 42 years and 8 months — the maximum allowed.

A jury in March convicted McCallister, 23, on four of five counts filed against him. Testimony by the victims, now 10, included allegations of being tied to beds and sexually assaulted in 2005.

McCallister's attorney, Steven Mank, citing numerous inconsistencies in testimony and "things the girls testified that could not have happened," argued for the court to throw out the jury verdict and acquit McCallister.

The girls' grandmother pleaded for the maximum sentence.

"I see these children on a more regular basis than anyone and I've seen what it's done to them," she said. "I've seen them ask questions about things they shouldn't know about."

McCallister, his voice wavering, maintained his innocence.

"I beg you, please, show me mercy," he said.