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Marriage License Applications, Annulments Granted, Divorces Granted

Marriage License Applications

Almaleki, Abdulhakim D. ad Mohammed, Janan H., both of Wichita.

Bates, Chris L. and Douglas, Sonya J., both of Wichita.

Beemer, David B. Jr. and Mfangam-Mouchilison, Mariama, both of Wichita.

Bourland, Andrew C., Clarksville, Tenn., and Bassett, Amanda F., Maize.

Brehm, Chad M., Goddard, and Findley, Deborah A., Derby.

Brown, David E., Baxter Springs, and Rayl, Wendy M., Goddard.

Browning, Paul S., Lincoln, Mo., and Meagher, Lori M., Wichita.

Carpenter, Robert L. and Stafford Sara L., both of Wichita.

Casanova, Christopher R. and Anderson, Bambi D., both of Wichita.

Crain, Jeff B. and Case, Alyson R., both of Wichita.

Edwards, Jason T. and Jamieson, Crystal D., both of Wichita.

Fama, Neil R. and Sales, Katrina V., both of Wichita.

Foster, Jeremy J. and Pizarro, Donna O., both of Wichita.

Gamit, Prasann Z. and Friedman, TiaLisa M., both of Wichita.

Helm, Chasity M. and Reid, Benjamin K., both of Wichita.

Herdt, Brian K. and Bennette, Nadia J., both of Wichita.

Hernandez, Jonas C. and Rivas, Anna G., both of Wichita.

Holdaway, Marty D. and Collier, Reola M., both of Wichita.

Holt, Michael D. and Winn, Nichole J., both of Wichita.

Hubbard, Ronald R., and Williams, Melissa A., both of Wichita.

Juby, Shawn L. and Powell, Dawn M., both of Wichita.

Keoduaangkham, David T. and Walker, Amanda D., both of Wichita.

Lopez Lopez, Sergio L. and Martinez Aguilar, Marisela, both of Wichita.

Martin, Wilfrid L., and Martin, Louise A., both of Wichita.

Martinez, Matthew and Cruz, Casandra I., both of Wichita.

Mayagoitia, Julian and Portillo, Liza F., both of Wichita.

Miller, Matthew S. and Bass, Erica D., both of Wichita.

Minor, Steven E. and McFarland, Julie A., both of Wichita.

Mitchell, Jimmy R., Newton, and Bottenberg, Laurie A., Wichita.

Peterson, Harvey H. Jr., Wichita, and Parman, Miranda E., Haysville.

Powers, Matthew W., and Talbert, Rosie L., both of Wichita.

Rabourn, Matthew L., and Brand, Roxanne J., both of Wichita.

Rager, James E., and Nandago, Mary O., both of Wichita.

Ramirez, Oscar H. and Aguayo, Patricia, both of Wichita.

Rogers, Winston T., Memphis, Tenn., and Starr, Monique S., Wichita.

Rouse, Leonard L., Wichita, and Canada, Joyce A., McPherson.

Schwarz, Christopher M. and Harrison, Ariene R., both of Wichita.

Serna-Puentes, Jose and Jimenez, Vicki G., both of Wichita.

Shaw, Donald E. and Simon, Phyllis A., both of Wichita.

Soukamneuth, Vithaya R. and Batnyam, Enkhmunkh, both of Wichita.

Thomas, Eric J., Wichita, and Wolf, Shauna M., Derby.

Thomas, Harry Jr., and Underhill, Ulanda L., both of Wichita.

Valtierra, Rafael T., and Vergara, Irma G., both of Wichita.

Weidenheimer, Darin D. and Klotz, Mindi R., both of Wichita.

Williamson, Joel W. and Kitterman, Cari A., both of Wichita.

Wolff, Jason A. and Maechtlen, Kendra R., both of Wichita.

Annulments Granted

Bazuaye, Richard O. and Muench, Tabatha.

Donald, Mwamini and Anderson, Rafael S.

Kavanah, Mary Elizabeth and Watkins, Timothy Scott.

Keely, Richard Dale and Colisa Rene.

Quiring, Kimberly M. and Belshe, William D. Jr.

Sisk, Robin E. and Hammon, Jeffery.

Divorces Granted

Arnold, Kari and Aaron.

Bables, Rachael Deann and Arbary Ryan.

Barrow, Audrey L. and Peter S.

Bastura, Karrie Renae and Michael Henry.

Bauman, Amanda Marie and Weerts, Brandon Joshua Scott.

Bell, Daniel and Leigh.

Brantley, Charles Wayne and Sandra Jean.

Carson, Judy Dianne and Earl Lever.

Clement, Jared Allen and Christie Marie.

Crawford, Daniel James and Amanda Kay.

Dickson, Bobbie Jo and Steven Matthew.

Estivo, Richard T. and Meredith.

Fields, Hope L. and Andrew Stephen.

Fletcher, Tami Lynn and Charles Herman.

Flores, Robin and Christopher.

Gomez, Fany Elizabeth and Gomez Gonzalez, Edgar.

Hall, Douglas Erwin and Jennifer K.

Harding, Rickey Don and Cox, Teresa A.

Hensley, Eric Daniel and Jennifer Cheryl.

Horning, Patricia Jo and Jon Alexander.

Hovorak, Paul S. and Kristina L.

Jackson, Jamie Lynn and Ilgondo Razangwende M.

Leisy, Aimee Christine and Velasco-Gomez, Jaime.

Maina, Esther Wanjiru and Njuguna, Kevin Maina.

Mattoon, Twila J. and Kenneth A.

Maynard, Connie Lynn and Buckley, William Dean.

Miller, Jason L. and Misti D.

Miller, Joseph James and Regina Lynette.

Moore Mary J. and Ronald D.

Morgan, Kimberly A. and Louthan, Aarmam James III.

Perez, Alicia and Alfaro, Norman E.

Phipps, Kenneth A. and Meredith M.

Richards, Marcel G. and Stacey.

Riggs, Guy M. and Rhonda M.

Sager, Wallace P. and Winchell, Melissa L.

Skrede, Jennifer A. and Matthew D.

Taggart, Linda Sue and David E.

Travnichek, Jonathan and Jill.

Valencia, Yasmin L. and Valladares, Morgan R.

Valverde, Yeny Elizabeth and Jose Alfredo.

Waddel, Petchchompoo M. and Robert.

Ward, Kimberly Dawn and Rolen, Christopher Scott.

Williams-James, Veeas Ilo and James, Bradley Nathaniel.

Yost, Laura D. and James P.

Zulkoski, Deanie R. and Derek A.