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Cocaine in plane nets three drug indictments

Three California men have been indicted on a drug trafficking charge after authorities seized a plane carrying more than 125 pounds of cocaine in Liberal last week.

A federal indictment returned Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Wichita charged 30-year-old Eric Wayne McPeters, 40-year-old Dean Bryan Moya and 31-year-old Richard Allen Vickery of Hemet, Calif., with one count of possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

The Department of Homeland Security last Thursday identified a suspicious aircraft that had landed in Liberal. Liberal police were contacted and they requested assistance from the Southwest Kansas Drug Taskforce and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

A drug-sniffing dog was brought from the Beaver County (Okla.) Sheriff's Office and it hit on the 1964 Cessna 210D twice, according to a court document. A search warrant was obtained, and investigators found two suitcases containing 50 individually wrapped bricks of cocaine.

Moya and Vickery were arrested at the Liberal Inn, but McPeters has not yet been taken into custody.

Authorities said the plane was forced to land in Liberal because of bad weather.