Man carrying spear chases man carrying sword through south Wichita

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google

A man wielding a spear chased a man carrying a sword through several backyards in south Wichita on Saturday morning, an event that had even longtime police veterans shaking their heads.

Police were called at 8 a.m. to a house in the 1800 block of South Hydraulic.

The 49-year-old woman who lives there had called police and said that a young man had walked into her bedroom, waving what she described as a samurai sword.

She figured the man had come to see her son.

While she went to get her son, who was sleeping in another room, the suspect ran.

After waking, the son snatched up a spear and ran after the man through several backyards.

Apparently, said Sgt. Brian Sigman, the woman and her son, and possibly the suspect, do historical re-enactments. The chase certainly got the attention of neighbors.

“We did have several of the neighbors calling in; they had folks running through their backyard armed with this large spear and armed with a sword,” Sigman said.

He said Wichita police have a pretty good idea of who the man is. He isn’t a danger to the public.

Nobody was hurt, but the suspect had gathered a large stack of items inside the house. Sigman said police expect to charge the man with aggravated burglary.

“In 24 years, this is definitely a first,” Sigman said.