Top 3 scams in Sedgwick County for week of Aug. 7

Two additional scams were reported in Sedgwick County this week:

The medical scam: A consumer said one scammer contacted them by phone claiming they were with Medicare. Government agencies don’t typically call or threaten people about money over the phone.

The employment scam: A business owner received two e-mails stating the scammer wanted the business owner to do work on a house. The scammer claimed they could only talk via e-mail and text message because they were deaf or in the hospital. Ultimately, the scammer told the business owner that he would pay by credit card, but needed some of the money back for various reasons.

In all, The Sedgwick County Consumer Protection Division was contacted by 53 consumers between July 30 and August 5. Here are the top scams and the number of people who reported them:

11 – Internal Revenue Service scams: IRS scams top the division’s list week after week. A scammer calls and claims the individual owes the IRS money. The scammer sometimes threatens to take legal action. Dead giveaway: IRS typically does not contact consumers by telephone.

4 – Lottery, sweepstakes or award scams: The scammer claims you won a sum of money, but instructs you to pay a fee, buy something or deposit a portion of the money back. Two consumers were contacted by phone, one my postal mail and one by email.

2 – Past debt scams: The scammer poses as a debt collector. Best advice: call the lender or debt collector directly using the number listed on your bill.

If you think you might be the victim of a scam, call the Consumer Protection Division at 316-660-3653.

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