Wichita DMV office down for processing driver's licenses

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The Wichita office of the Department of Motor Vehicles closed because of an internet outage Tuesday, directing customers to its Andover and Derby locations.

"The Twin Lakes driver’s license and tax offices are currently unable to process customers because of an internet outage originating with the utility provider," Kansas Department of Revenue spokeswoman Rachel Whitten said. The Twin Lakes office is serviced by AT&T, which was not available for comment Tuesday.

Workers from Twin Lakes were moved to the Andover and Derby locations Tuesday to handle the increased traffic to the suburban branches, Whitten said.

"We ask customers to visit those locations as we await restored internet service," she said.

But the increase in customers to the two suburban offices may have paralyzed the other two driver's license offices in Sedgwick County.

At around 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, KPTS reporter Pilar Pedraza reported that the Andover office had "essentially closed for the rest of the day" because of the increase in customers, and the Derby office had a three- to four-hour wait. On a typical day, the Andover and Derby offices close at 4:45 p.m.

"Summer is a very busy season," Whitten said, "because new drivers are graduating from driver's education and going in to get their licenses, among other factors. Our examiners are working hard to serve the customers as quickly as possible."

The Andover, Derby and Wichita locations' phones registered busy all day and no one from the Sedgwick County branches was available for comment.

Whitten said she did not know when the Twin Lakes office's internet service would be repaired or whether it would be open by Wednesday.

The Wichita Police Department offers advice to motorists who are on the road and approached by emergency vehicles. (Courtesy of Wichita Police Department)