He tried to buy tiger pelts for his home office. Now this Wichita man faces prison

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A Wichita man who had agreed to pay $8,000 for two tiger pelts has been charged in federal court.

Ret Thach, 38, is charged with violating the Lacey Act, according to a release from U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister. That act prohibits interstate selling or purchasing of animals protected in the Endangered Species Act.

Thach allegedly agreed to buy the pelts from a seller in Wisconsin, according to the release. He also agreed to pay traveling expenses to get the pelts delivered to Wichita.

The seller, though, was an undercover agent with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the release states.

The agent told Thach that selling the pelts across state lines was "absolutely illegal," but the Wichita man said he still wanted to buy them as he already owned “a lion and a lot of bears," the release states.

He wanted the pelts for his home office.

If Thach is convicted, the release states that he could face five years in prison and a fine as high as $250,000.

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