A Wichita artist is being showcased in Snoop Dogg's tour


There’s a little bit of Wichita in Snoop Dogg’s current tour.

Michaela Marioni, a junior at Wichita State University working toward a Bachelor of Applied Arts in game design, edited the video that is shown on stage when the rapper performs his song "Swivel," according to the university.

She took a video editing class last year and realized her talent. Then she got a job at Shocker Studios. Then instructor Michael Downs asked her to edit the footage he had gathered into a video for the concert.

“I felt pretty confident about the project,” Marioni told the university.

"Basically, I just had to edit down Michael Downs' videos to fit Snoop Dogg's song in order for it to look appealing on the large screen when Snoop performed his song in concert," Marioni told The Eagle. "It involved cutting sections of the video and placing them where I thought they would fit, and also slowing or speeding up said sections to go with the beat."

She hasn't seen the video during one of Snoop Dogg's shows, but she said, "knowing that thousands of people, let alone Snoop Dogg, are seeing my work is honestly crazy to me. "

"Although a majority of it is Michael Down's and Snoop Dogg's work, it is still surreal to think about that I have been given this opportunity to get my name out there," she said. "It would be awesome if some day, I could present to the world work I have done personally."

Her dream is to work for Blizzard Entertainment — a video game developer for World of Warcraft and Overwatch.

Nichole Manna, 316-269-6752, @NicholeManna