Want to avoid a cranky Kansas trooper? This boy has a secret for you

“Hey, folks ... I’m excited to tell you a little-known secret that nobody really heard about.”

The secret, you ask?

“It’s about how to drive in bad weather.”

Oliver Davis is from the Kansas City area, and his mom said he is determined to be a police officer when he grows up.

While Oliver may not have his badge yet, he dressed up in a police costume and stood in front of his mini police car on icy streets to educate Kansans in his trending video, “Bad Weather Road Trips.”

“It’s icy, it’s snowy here in Kansas ... it’s freeeezing,” Oliver said in the video.

And when you have ice and cold weather, that means you have baaaad roads.

That’s why Oliver said he is so excited to tell you this secret.

“Are you ready for it?”

The secret for driving in slow weather is...

“Slow down,” Oliver said. “That’s it! That’s it! That’s all of it. That’s all you need to do.”

“Don’t go fast ... just go sloooooow,” he continued. “You can avoid a cranky trooper by slowing down.”

Now that you know the big secret, Oliver is asking that you don’t keep it to yourself.

“Share the secret,” he said. “Slow down! That’s it.”

Kaitlyn Alanis: 316-269-6708, @kaitlynalanis