Oh dear, it’s time for men to make dinner

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It’s time for men to get their butts in from outside to cook a meal in the kitchen – and not on the barbecue – for National Men Make Dinner Day.

This tongue-in-cheek day of gender roles and stereotypes offers some comical celebration opportunities. But here’s a toast to the men who cook on a regular basis – you rock.

National Men Make Dinner Day started in 2001 when a woman named Sandy Sharkey founded it and started the website MenMakeDinnerDay.com.

Sharkey created the tradition for the men bewildered in the kitchen, and for the women in their lives who need a break. It falls on the first Thursday of November each year.

MenMakeDinnerDay.com – which has the dynamic of a parody of itself – includes a list of complete rules for the celebration. Chief rule: No barbecue allowed.

“Since the discovery of fire, men have laid claim to cooking over open flame,” the site reads. “The challenge of working a typical kitchen is far greater and considered a more unfamiliar environment.”

Meals also cannot include: chewing gum, take-out pizza, left-overs from last night, the neighbor’s left-overs from last night or sandwiches from office vending machine.

Some of the rules

▪ Main meal must include at least four ingredients.

▪ The meal must require at least one cooking utensil, other than a fork.

▪ Men shop for all necessary ingredients.

▪ Must clean as he goes.

▪ Men set the table, light candles and pour drinks.

Put lots of ketchup on it, smile, and mention that you had a late lunch.


A tab for frequently asked questions offers some tips for women eating these creations. One question asks, “What if I don't like what he cooked?” The answer: “Put lots of ketchup on it, smile, and mention that you had a late lunch.”

So happy #MenMakeDinnerDay to the cooks and non-cooks of the world.

Here’s The Eagle’s 2016 Holiday Cookbook for recipe ideas. The cookbook includes five fast soups for fall and the recipe for first place main dish winner, roasted lemon chicken with red grapes.

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