Wichita boy’s ‘Trump hair’ Halloween costume is quite the buzz

Gage, 10, in his Trump’s Hair costume at Hyde Elementary School on Friday. His costume is the subject of a BuzzFeed story this weekend.
Gage, 10, in his Trump’s Hair costume at Hyde Elementary School on Friday. His costume is the subject of a BuzzFeed story this weekend. Courtesy photo

A 10-year-old Wichita boy’s Halloween costume is generating a lot of buzz — so much, in fact, it’s being featured on BuzzFeed.

Gage is dressing up as Donald Trump’s hair.

“This kid’s costume of Donald Trump’s hair just changed the Halloween game,” the social news and entertainment website gushed in a headline when it posted a piece about the costume Saturday afternoon.

The costume that has made Gage all the rage was the brainstorm of his mother, Jessica DeVader, and her friend Rachelle Thompson. The duo had worked together to created memorable costumes that dressed Gage as “Sharknado” two years ago and as Zoltar, the fortune teller from the movie “Big,” last year.

But she was drawing a blank this year as she tried to think of a costume Gage would like to wear to school.

“It’s his last time” to wear a costume to school since he’ll be entering middle school next year, she said.

Inspiration finally hit about six weeks ago when she was idly staring at her cellphone while waiting for her husband’s haircut to be finished. She came across “this big picture of Donald Trump’s hair, and I just started laughing out loud.”

“What’s so funny?” her husband asked.

When they returned home, DeVader called her friend Rochelle and asked “How do we do this?”

The project took a few hours a night for several days. Rochelle suggested cutting up grass table skirts, then gluing them to an umbrella just so to include a part on the right side.

“We were laughing so hard,” DeVader said. “We had a computer and we were constantly studying pictures of Trump’s hair.

“I never thought I would stare at Donald Trump’s hair so closely.”

It took several hours for the glue to dry, she said, and they used a brush to fine-tune the look. They cut a hole in the center of the umbrella so Gage’s head could fit through it.

DeVader created the red “Make America Great Again” hat by using three pieces of poster board. Gluing the letters of Trump’s campaign slogan “was probably the worst part” because they had to make sure the spacing was just right so it would fit and also leave room for a slit in the hat so Gage could see, she said.

The hair costume was so big, DeVader couldn’t see out of the back of her SUV when she drove it to Hyde Elementary School on Friday. She fretted that friends who warned her that the costume might offend Trump supporters would be right.

“This isn’t really about politics,” she said. “It’s just about having some fun.”

A friend of DeVader’s works for BuzzFeed. When she saw photos of the costume on DeVader’s Facebook page, she sought permission to do a story about it.

Gage likes the costume, she said, and he can’t wait to go trick-or-treating in it.

“He thinks it’s hilarious,” DeVader said of her son. “He just has a great sense of humor.”

When he donned the costume outside of school, “tons of people started circling around him,” DeVader said.

“I wish I’d taken a picture of the people taking a picture,” she said. “Everybody thought it was really funny. That’s good — that’s what I was after.”

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