Nonprofit's delivery truck stolen

Positive Directions needs to place its regular order at the Kansas Foodbank Warehouse.

But this week, the nonprofit organization has no way to pick up the food, said Cody Patton, its executive director. Someone stole the truck it uses.

"We're like, 'What are we going to do?' " Patton said.

Positive Directions provides services for people with HIV and AIDS. Members of the organization last used the truck — a white 1992 Ford F-350 quad cab — on Monday afternoon. It was taken later that night or early Tuesday.

The truck had more than 100,000 miles on it and wasn't the kind of vehicle someone would offer for scrap metal or resale, Patton said.

"It wasn't anything new, but it sure served the purpose," he said.

The organization's nutrition program serves about 80 people per week, though that number keeps increasing as people with HIV/AIDS live longer due to improved medicines, Patton said.

"While we're keeping people alive and providing services for them, new people are getting infected and needing service," he said.

Members of the organization parked the truck close to a walk-in freezer behind the building, which is on Commerce, south of Intrust Bank Arena. People had broken into the cooler three times, and the truck's proximity made breaking the freezer's lock more difficult, Patton said.

"I never expected anybody to want to steal the truck," he said.

A donor gave the group a vehicle several years ago, which Positive Directions sold to purchase the truck and make loading food pallets easier. The donation meant the group could stop putting out pleas all the time for a vehicle to borrow, Patton said.

The organization also used the truck to pick up used furniture, clothing and household items for another of its programs. Now, Patton said he has no idea what they will use.

Police told Positive Directions that they recover about 75 percent of stolen vehicles, Patton said. But that doesn't account for damage the truck might have sustained, he said.

"Who knows what it's going to be like when we get it back?" he said.

Positive Directions found glass where the truck was parked, which Patton said probably meant the thief broke the passenger window.

The truck's license plate is 882BDG. Anyone with information can call 911.

People with trucks who want to help can call Positive Directions at 316-263-2214, ext. 109.