Wichita City Council to vote on Cabela's hearing

The special 1.2 percent fee that would be added to all purchases at the proposed Cabela's outdoor sporting goods store in Wichita would generate up to $17 million over 22 years, according to documents released by the city Friday.

Of that 1.2 percent, 1 percent would go to the company for development and business costs and 0.2 percent would be given to the city to help fund a major construction project that would complete the K-96 and Greenwich interchange by adding on- and off-ramps.

Wichita City Council members will vote Tuesday on whether to set a March 8 public hearing to debate the proposed community improvement district.

The community improvement district incentive allows cities to approve special districts where businesses can add up to 2 percent more to their sales without listing it on price tags or otherwise notifying consumers. Cabela's is seeking to add 1.2 percent.

The entire Cabela's development, including the proposed 80,000-square-foot store, is expected to cost about $28 million. It is scheduled to open in the Regency Lakes Shopping Center at 21st and Greenwich by spring 2012.

Roughly $3 million would go into site acquisition and development. About $15.8 million would go into construction, and $4.5 million is budgeted for public infrastructure and assessments associated with the site, according to the application filed on behalf of Cabela's by Regency Development Co. managing member Thomas W. Boyd.

The new store is a prototype that would be significantly smaller than the existing 180,000-square-foot store near the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. But it would feature taxidermy and a small mountain replica similar to those in some of the other 31 stores nationwide.

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