Student arrested over pellet gun

A 13-year-old student at Brooks Middle School was arrested this week after authorities learned he brought a pellet gun to school and threatened two classmates with it, police said.

School staff at Brooks heard students talking about the incident on Tuesday, a day after it happened, and notified police, authorities said. An investigation revealed that the student had brought a pellet gun to school on Monday, said Susan Arensman, a spokeswoman for the district.

The gun was not at the school Tuesday, she said. The student was booked into the juvenile detention facility.

Police say the student also threatened to harm other students if they revealed he had brought the weapon to school. Brooks is located near 27th North and Hillside.

The student has been suspended from classes pending a disciplinary hearing, Arensman said. The hearing could result in a long-term suspension or expulsion.

"Wichita police will continue to look into the matter, to determine what the motives are" for the student to bring the pellet gun to school, Lt. Doug Nolte said.